Babanusa is a restaurant located on Prospect Road. It has been open for 18 years and is Australia’s only Sudanese restaurant. The place must be doing something right to last that long. The decor here is basic and slightly traditional. The bongo drums, the ornaments hanging off the walls and the extensive use of timber, really make you feel like you’re in a cabin somewhere in Africa.

There’s plenty of choice on the restaurant menu and there’s surely something to satisfy everyone. The menu items range from dips, soups, salads, to your vegetarian and meat dishes. There’s even a decent selection of vegan options. If you’re still having trouble deciding, you can go for either the vegetarian, non vegetarian or ceremonial banquets.

Tonight, I decided to order the Maeze; Goat served with malokhia. Malokhia is minced jute leaves. The meals were ready 15 minutes after ordering and all meals arrived at the same time. My dish was nicely presented and it was OK. The goat was lean and tender, and there was a generous amount of it. The sauce was a nice thick consistency and almost slimy, mainly due to the malokhia. The leaves themselves were slightly bitter which was to be expected. Having never had this dish before, I can’t really compare it to anything else, but it didn’t do it for me either. I thought it was kind of bland with not much depth to the dish.


The service here was pretty good and the atmosphere was relaxed. Surprisingly, it wasn’t too noisy being on Prospect Road. The pricing was average with mains ranging between the $17 to $23 mark. Everybody seemed to be happy with their meals, and the dining experience as a whole was pretty good. People who haven’t been here before may be a little hesitant about trying Sudanese food, but after looking through the menu, there’s nothing to be afraid of. The flavours may be a little adventurous but that’s about it. I think this place is definitely worth a try.

WHERE: 86 Prospect Rd, Prospect





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