China Bar

If there was a prime location within Station Arcade, China Bar would have it. Located right at the entrance on Hindley Street, the food stall is divided into two sections. One side serves your traditional Chinese take away dishes, while the other side serves sushi and your usual Japanese fare.

Tonight, I ordered their Salmon and Prawn Sushi pack. The dish was nicely presented and came with free soy sauce and wasabi. The salmon and prawn were fresh, however the sushi rice was a bit dry and it tasted like it had been in the fridge all day.

Salmon and Prawn Sushi
Salmon and Prawn Sushi

I’ve had Chinese food here before and the meal was quite good. As with any take away place, the quality of the meal is dependent on how long ago it was cooked. If you came just before lunch, the dishes would be quite good. If you wait until early evening, the food has been sitting around in the warmer all day, and the quality is affected. With that being said, the cooks still need to know how to prepare the dishes properly.

For me, my sushi would have tasted a lot better had I eaten it in the morning. 4 stars if you eat here before 2pm and 3 stars if you eat here after that time.

WHERE: Shop 12/52 Hindley St, Adelaide





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