Milkaholic is a cute little dessert bar located on Edward Street, just off The Parade. Their specialty is desserts, however, they do offer a range of beverages and light snacks. Situated in a long narrow block, there is enough seating for about 40. The venue itself is very homely, but you don’t notice very much because the lighting is so dim.

Tonight, I ordered the Pulled Pork Burger as a snack, while for dessert, I had the Fig and Walnut Pudding. While the group ordered their dishes at specific times, the desserts seemed to come out in their order of complexity.

PULLED PORK BURGER – The pork was tender and stringy, and the barbecue sauce was sweet. The cabbage didn’t really have much taste but it added a nice crunchy texture. The bun was soft and firm, and it was able to hold the filling well. Not the best tasting pulled pork burger I’ve had, but not bad either.

Pulled Pork Burger
Pulled Pork Burger

FIG AND WALNUT PUDDING – I thought the pudding was cooked in the oven for too long. The base of the pudding was hard instead of moist like it should be. The flavours were just right and the dessert was subtle in sweetness. This dish was below average for me.

Fig and Walnut Pudding
Fig and Walnut Pudding

The staff here were very friendly and the atmosphere was relaxed. The service was a bit slow at times, even with very few customers in the store. The general feedback from the group was that they weren’t happy with their desserts. I wasn’t impressed with mine either so am unlikely to go back. If you are going to come here, apparently the Chocolate Tart is the winner.

WHERE: 61a Edward St, Norwood




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