Parade Thai

Parade Thai is a Thai restaurant located on.. you guessed it.. The Parade.

Serving all your traditional Thai dishes, Parade Thai is deceptively larger than it appears, with seating for about 50 people. The decor is simple yet traditional, and the staff are friendly and inviting. The service here is pretty good and the atmosphere is relaxed.

Tonight, I ordered the Pad Thai. The dish was ready after a 15 minute wait and was nicely presented. The dish was delicious! The noodles were firm, not sticky and perfectly cooked. The vegetables were fresh, and the bean sprouts gave the dish a nice crunch. The chicken was tender and juicy, although a combination of chicken breast and thigh fillet was used. I would have preferred chicken breast only. The prawns were slightly under cooked for my liking. The dish was well balanced and had a nice reddish brown colour.

Pad Thai
Pad Thai

For the serving size of my dish, I thought my Pad Thai was a little over priced. I could have got the same dish elsewhere for close to half the price. If it wasn’t for the slightly under cooked prawns, it was a well executed dish. The dining experience as a whole wasn’t too bad. If someone that I knew wanted to come here again, I certainly wouldn’t say no.

WHERE: 128 The Parade, Norwood





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