Bread Temptations

Bread Temptations is a food outlet in Topham Mall. Their specialty is Vietnamese Rolls, but they also sell a range of savoury and sweet items.

Today, I decided to try their Roast Pork Vietnamese Roll.

ROAST PORK – Nice crispy lean pieces of roast pork with crunchy skin! The pork was well marinated, perfectly cooked and there was plenty of it! If you could describe heaven in a bread roll, this would be it!

BREAD – The bread was precut and baked fresh. The bread wasn’t crusty but did it’s job in holding all the filling together. Surprisingly the bread didn’t get soggy when soy sauce was poured into it.

VEGETABLES – Strategically distributed slices of chili gave me plenty of random excitement with every bite. The coriander and cucumber were fresh. The pickled carrot was well made. The Spanish onion was a nice touch.

CONDIMENTS – The pate and egg mayonnaise combination was an absolute delight!

Roast Pork Roll
Roast Pork Roll

The staff were really friendly and the price was more than reasonable. My Roast Pork Vietnamese Roll was pretty good and I’d have to say one of the best in the Adelaide CBD.

WHERE: Topham Mall





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