Hazara is a bistro that serves mainly Indian dishes, however, there are several Singaporean meals thrown into the mix. The decor here is traditional yet modern. The floor to ceiling glass exterior make the venue modern in appearance, but when you walk through the unique doors in the foyer and see the ornaments scattered around the place, it’s almost a different feel. When you sit down in their comfortable seating and look through their well presented menus, you could be mistaken that you were in a fine dining establishment. The candles at the tables and the dimly lit lights really set the mood for an intimate evening.

Tonight, I ordered the Saag Beef. It’s basically a curry that contains cooked mustard and greens. In this case, the greens was spinach. The meals were ready 15 minutes after ordering and all meals arrived at the same time. The beef was lean, tender and perfectly cooked. The inside of the meat had a pinkish tinge which is what I expected. The curry itself was kind of bland and wasn’t at all spicy. I felt they could have added more salt or spice to make it taste better. To me, it was just so pedestrian.

Saag Beef
Saag Beef

The service here was pretty good, although one staff member didn’t look too happy when we only ordered mains. The atmosphere was very relaxed, and the experience as a whole was quite good. Looking back, I should have ordered some of the traditional curries such as Lamb Korma or Beef Madras. I was a little adventurous tonight, but it didn’t pay off. The pricing here is average as are the serving sizes. I’d come back here but perhaps order something else.

WHERE: 211a The Parade, Norwood





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