If you’re looking to impress a woman on a date, you really need to bring her here. Kenji offers modern Japanese food, which incorporates not so traditional ingredients, into imaginative dishes that work. It’s a bit like world peace. Different countries living in harmony, but on a plate.

The restaurant itself is not particularly large with seating for about 50 people inside and another 12 outside. The decor is elegant and contemporary, and the atmosphere is relaxed. The dim lighting and cosy surroundings really set the mood for an intimate evening. The staff here were warm and inviting, and the service was excellent. It’s all the little things that count. The placing the cloth napkins on your lap, the regular pouring of drinks, the explanation of the dishes being served and the prompt clearing of the dishes when finished. All these things add up to make an enjoyable dining experience.

WAGYU SIRLOIN STEAK – The best steak I’ve ever had. The beef was so tender and juicy, it felt like the meat was melting in my mouth. The beef had a smooth buttery flavour that was intensely sweet and delicate. The teriyaki jus was subtle in sweetness and was the cherry on top for this magnificent piece of steak. The vegetables were nice and crunchy, and had absorbed the juices of the jus. The garlic chips gave the dish more balance, as did the horseradish cream.

Wagyu Sirloin Steak
Wagyu Sirloin Steak

CREME BRULEE – Top of the creme brulee was nicely caramelised, however the layer on top was thicker than expected. This indicates that too much caster sugar was added before the blow torch was used. The cream mixture was light and smooth, and had a subtle vanilla flavour. The inclusion of the bean paste gave it an Asian twist and added more sweetness to the dessert. The jelly and citrus sorbet added a bit of contrast to the dish.

The focus at this restaurant is about taste, quality, presentation and service. Meals aren’t particularly cheap here with entrees starting at $20 and mains starting at $35. I looked at some of the entrees a nearby table were getting and they didn’t look very big. The mains on the other hand were quite satisfying.

I really liked this place and an enjoyable evening was had by all. Not somewhere I’d come every night, but definitely a place for those special occasions.

WHERE: 242 Hutt St, Adelaide





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