Yumalicious is a Vietnamese take away store on Victoria Square. Their main specialty is Vietnamese rolls and beef noodle soups, but they also do sushi.

Roast Pork Vietnamese Roll two days in a row? Why not!

ROAST PORK – The roast pork was fatty and cut up into small little pieces. The meat was well marinated and the skin was nice and crunchy. The crackling pork skin was definitely the highlight.

BREAD – Nice crusty bread roll that was firm enough to hold all the ingredients. The roll was of a decent size.

VEGETABLES – The pickled carrot was conservatively applied, however it wasn’t that nice. I suspect it was a batch that just made as the carrot didn’t have that subtle sweetness. The cucumber was fresh and gave the roll more crunch. The coriander added more balance, while the use of fresh chili gave it more excitement. They also added caramelised onion which was a bit odd, however it seemed to compliment the other ingredients well.

CONDIMENTS – They used egg mayonnaise which made the roll ever so tasty!

Roast Pork Roll
Roast Pork Roll

The service was quick, the staff were friendly and the prices were on par with other places. A different take on your traditional Roast Pork roll, but not too bad either.

WHERE: 185 Victoria Sq, Adelaide






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