Le Carpe Diem

Located on Grenfell Street, at the East Terrace end, is a new French creperie, Le Carpe Diem. Their food menu is basically made up of two main items, sweet crepes and savoury galettes. For those that are not familiar, galettes are flat round crusty cakes. The decor here is traditional Parisian style. The paintings, the flowers, the furnishings and the wall paper, all create a cosy atmosphere. The staff here are very friendly and inviting. The lady with the French accent just makes the experience all the more authentic.

Today, I ordered the Penelope Crepe; a crepe with warm melted chocolate, vanilla ice cream and almonds. As I expected, the crepe was beautifully made. It was light, airy and evenly browned on both sides. It had that slight crisp around the edges which is just how it should be. The chocolate wasn’t over applied and there wasn’t too much vanilla ice cream. The dish itself wasn’t overly sweet, which is perfect for a day time snack.

Penelope Crepe
Penelope Crepe

The only criticism about this place is the ventilation. While I was ordering my crepe, I could see this smokey haze across the room emanating from the crepe maker. As for gluten friendly items, their galettes are made from buckwheat flour which is gluten free. There is basically no egg, sugar or milk in their galette dough. The service here is excellent and the staff seem enthusiastic to be there.

I really like this place. It’s like having a little bit of Paris here in Adelaide. I like it so much, I almost feel French. Ce lieu est ouvert 7h30-17 heures tous les jours. Il vaut le détour!

WHERE: 230 Grenfell St, Adelaide





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