Falafel Stop

The Falafel Stop is a convenient place to “stop” after a night out of drinking on Gouger Street. Their specialty is falafels, but they also serve a range of fast food snacks such as yiros, hot dogs, hamburgers, chips and even Middle Eastern sweets.

Tonight, I ordered the Chocolate Covered Lady Finger. The Lady Finger is essentially a piece of baklava on the inside. You could taste the sweetness of the syrup mixed in the layers of filo pastry. The baklava was then covered in chocolate with crushed pistachio nuts sprinkled on top. The chocolate really wasn’t required, but it was just as good.

Chocolate Covered Lady Finger
Chocolate Covered Lady Finger

The staff are friendly and the service is pretty good. Not a bad way to fill up an empty stomach on the way home after a big night.

WHERE: 122 Gouger St, Adelaide






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