Regattas Bistro

Regattas Bistro had moved since I was last here. While the renovations are sleek and modern, the internal space seems a bit smaller than the previous location. The new location itself is perfect as you’re even closer to the River Torrens and the view is magnificent. The atmosphere is relaxed and the service is exceptional. This is a perfect place for a romantic evening.

On this occasion, I ordered the Salmon Curry. The meals came not long after ordering and all the meals came out at the same time. I have to say my dish was OK. The salmon just didn’t go well with the curry. It’s almost as though the salmon wasn’t cooked in the curry long enough for all the flavours to seep in. The rice was well cooked and the pappadum was freshly deep fried. The portions were enough to satisfy an empty stomach.

Salmon Curry
Salmon Curry

I’m thinking I may have ordered the wrong dish when dining here. Everything else about this place is perfect and at some point, I am willing to give this place another try.

WHERE: River Torrens Promenade





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