Okami – Newton

On Thursday night Adelaide Food Central visited Okami a new all you can eat Japanese restaurant located in Newton. First launching their restaurant in Melbourne the Okami brand has continued to expand throughout Australia. Incorporating over 30 traditional dishes, this restaurant is the choice for families, singles and the young and old.

Every dish is made fresh to order, and simply eat as much as you can in one sitting to enjoy the full capacity of the Okami experience. Some dishes include sashimi, sushi, tofu, tempura, teriyaki chicken, beef and more. My two favourite dishes of the evening with the luscious yakiniku beef and miso steak. The beef was identical to that you find in a soupy udon with vibrant flavours and moist meat. The miso steak was memorable with a salty miso coating lathering the well-cooked delicate meat. The sushi was also a hit with sticky rice and fresh insides. I loved that the serving sizes were small so that you could try nearly one of everything on the menu. If all you can eat is not for you then there is also the option to choose what you want from the a la carte menu.

It was so exciting to see this restaurant completely packed out on a Thursday night and in the suburbs. The enthusiasm from the general public shows how appetising this way of eating really is. We were impressed with the excitement of the dishes and how everyone around us was enjoying every bite.

Thank you to the the team at Okami for having us we can’t wait to come back!

Words by Tomika Salerno

WHERE: 297 Montacute Rd, Newton


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