Two Pot Screamer

On Wednesday night Adelaide Food Central checked out the newly opened ‘Two Pot Screamer’. Sister restaurants to ‘Joe’s Henley Beach’ and ‘Super Bueno’, their new addition certainly sits on the top of our list. Upstairs boasts a modern cocktail bar with a balcony overlooking Rundle Street. Downstairs provides the most interesting and nostalgic 70s Australian grub. We tried a range of their dishes including snacks, smaller, larger, sides and dessert menu.

Smokey Bay Oysters
We love to start out meal with natural oysters, particularly with a drizzle of acidic lemon. Paired with these delightful oysters was a tangy vinegerrete, which worked perfectly with this type of seafood. What a great start to the feast to come.

Snag In A Bread
This was pretty much your typical Bunnings snag, a funny thing to see in a restaurant, but it tasted exactly like you get on your Saturday morning hardware store visit. In a small piece of bread lay a micro Boston Bay sausage topped with onion butter and tomato sauce. It was certainly a snack to make your stomach happy.

Chook Skin Skewers
These skewers tasted exactly like the crispy skin on a BBQ chicken, the one you know you shouldn’t eat, but you do anyways as it tastes so good. These skewers were salty, and topped with a juicy chicken gravy. I couldn’t stop eating them.

This was by far my favourite snack of the evening. I loved that the calzone was small, as usually they are way too heavy with too much bread. The inside was delicate with lashings of ham, cheese and pineapple. I have never been a pineapple on pizza lover, but this sweetness helped to give the dish an extra element of flavour.

When this dish came out I was a little confused. I didn’t quite understand how octopus, nori crackers and salad were going to work. It’s safe to say though that sometimes the weirdest things go together like bread and butter. The fresh pickled vegetables including baby potatoes worked incredibly well with the slightly charred octopus. The crunchy black nori crackers were the perfect element to draw all the flavours together. This was certainly my favourite dish on the smaller menu.

Prawn Cocktail
These juicy and succulent South Australian King Prawns were an awesome dish. The meat itself was very fresh and worked well with the thick thousand island dressing, topping with a native finger lime. I loved this dish.

Tartare is such a special food, very delicate with a lot of flavour. I loved the addition of the kangaroo meat which tasted very similar to beef. The egg sauce was a thick egg yolk topping which drizzled over the dish. The small chip like crackers worked well with the rich tartare.

King Wing
I am never one to order fish on a menu but this was my favourite main of the evening. The kingfish was cooked perfectly, and topped with a delicious kombu beurre blanc sauce. I couldn’t stop eating the sauce and throughout it seemed to have a seaweed like vegetable, which paired well with the asparagus. I would order this dish over and over again.

Pot Stickers
The pot stickers were one of the most interesting dishes on the menu. Layered over the boneless chicken wings was a crispy like topping and dumpling mixture nestled below. This dish had a lot of flavour and worked well with the interesting combination of ingredients. Certainly try this dish if you are after something unique. I feel like this may be one of their signature dishes.

3-Point Beef Rib
Holy moly. These ribs were a dish fit for a king. The large ribs had lashings of juicy bits of meat all over the bone. The serving was incredibly generous and the black garlic and red wine glaze was the perfect topping. I loved how flavoursome the juicy fat was nestled in-between the meat.

Thank you to the team at Two Pot Screamer for having us. A BIG shout out to our waiter James whose first shift it was. He was super hospitable and made the night an even better one!

Words by Tomika Salerno

WHERE: 285 Rundle St, Adelaide


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