+82 MiMi – Spring Menu 2021

Fresh from their phenomenal win at the Restaurant and Catering Awards, where they won the Award for Excellence in the Asian restaurant category for SA, is +82 Mimi. This week, we paid the best in SA a visit!

A hidden gem in the city’s south, MiMi’s is a vibrant and scenic bar and restaurant tucked on Sturt Street.

Their meals are brilliantly crafted, inspired by unique flavours from traditional Korean dishes. Their food is also inspired by that eaten by the Korean Royal family, so we can certainly say that their food is fit for a king!

MiMi’s is all about sharing food and bringing people together, something that we all can’t wait to get back to. Whatever the occasion, whether a casual drink after work or a big dinner, MiMi’s has you covered! They recently have developed a new menu for Spring/Summer, bringing a distinct citrus flavour across all their dishes.

Here is what we tried from their new menu:

Kimchi Bokkeumbap

The best kimchi rice we have ever had! So many flavours are jam packed into this version of kimchi rice. We loved the crisp bacon incorporated into the rice, as well as the salty seaweed, rich parmesan and gooey egg yolk. A mix of sweet, salty and tart, what a treat!

Bulgogi Beef Sliders

MiMi’s new take on their bulgogi beef sliders is not one to miss. We loved the sweet and tender flavours from the bulgogi beef, which were complimented so well by spicy kimchi slaw and a thick, crispy onion ring. The textures were fantastic, we loved every bite. With two delicious sliders, these are a perfect lunch treat or great to share with friends.

Dak Galbi

This dish is decadent and super warming, good for the soul (or Seoul, should we say?). We absolutely loved the rich and deep flavours from the Dak Galbi. Tender chicken pieces, rice cakes and sweet potato are immersed in a spiced broth, covered with a generous serve of gooey mozzarella cheese. We loved the flavours from this dish, the creamy melted cheese really makes the dish go pop!

Ojingeo Twigim

Also known as salt and pepper squid, Ojingeo Twigim is MiMi’s twist on an old favourite. Squid tentacles, definitely something to try! They have been battered and deep fried with classic salt and pepper seasoning. Served with a Yuzu (citrusy) aioli for dipping, these hearty bites are great with a chilled Soju.

Grilled Korean Miso Eggplant

MiMi have introduced a vegan menu, with this miso eggplant dish being one of its stars. The smokey taste from the grill complements the sweet flesh of the eggplant, topped with miso dressing, pepitas and pine nuts. So many flavours and textures all in one, so good!


There’s nothing like a good steak tartare in the coming warm weather. MiMi’s really hits the spot! Tender cubes of steak are combined with sesame soy sauce, pear, pine nuts, lotus chips and a raw egg yolk. We piled our lotus chips up and took a bite into heaven, the beef and egg yolk together are so creamy and fresh on the tongue.


This dish is for those who are seriously hungry! A Sous Vide half chicken in a bed of Korean rice and kimchi. A ginseng chicken consommé is brought with this dish in a beautiful teapot for you to douse the chicken with. We loved this addition to our experience. The chicken was juicy, and there was a lot of it! MiMi’s Samgyetang also had a wonderful taste of Yuzu, which we found was a common theme with most dishes. The distant taste of the Yuzu was fresh and tarte, a great addition to the already rich flavours from this dish.

Thank you to +82 MiMi and their wonderful staff for hosting us! If you would like a MiMi’s experience of your own, you can find them on Street in the CBD. They are open for lunch and dinner on Monday, Wednesday, Thursday and Friday. On weekends, they are open for dinner from 5.30pm.

Words by Kitty Barr

WHERE: 50 Sturt St, Adelaide


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