Mekko Market & Cafe – Spring Menu 2021

Mekko Market & Cafe have just released their delicious, new spring menu. Full of incredible flavours and amazing aromas, Mekko always outdoes itself when it comes to new seasonal menus.

There’s no better way to start a meal than with a bowl of Finnish Salmon Soup. Full of salmon morsels, chunky potatoes, dill, onion and carrots, this was delicious as it looks! It was light, full of flavour and not too fishy! The perfect way to start a meal.

It wouldn’t be a day time menu without an avocado dish, and this season, it’s the Crushed Avocado. This vibrant and colourful dish has feta, sesame seeds, pomegranate molasses, poached eggs, grapefruit and burnt corn on sourdough. It’s the perfect morning dish for those who aren’t too adventurous.

Next on the Scandanavian food tour is the Prawn Skagen. Generous amounts of creamy small prawns are accompanied by pickled red cabbage, Swedish style home made crisp bread, rocket, trout caviar and shaved cucumber. There’s a whole range of contrasting flavours and textures that will keep your taste buds dancing.

Vegetarians rejoice! Livin’ on Veg has been made for you! The salad consists of a whole medley of healthy ingredients including roasted eggplant and lentils, roasted almonds, spinach, parsley, coriander, tomatoes, green tahini, pomegranate molasses, red capsicum and balsamic vinegar. This was not only healthy but delicious.

Every menu has a burger, and this season Mekko brings you the Prawn Burger. Full of creamy small prawns, red cabbage and rocket in a brioche bun, the burger is simple but delicious. More often, less is more, as in the case of this burger.

One of our favourite dishes was the Swedish Pytt I Panna. The dish was made up crispy potatoes, bacon, sausage hash and wilted spinach served with a fried egg and a slice of rye. The dish was very rustic and hearty, and perfect for any kind of weather.

Last but not least were the Lemon Buttermilk Pancakes. Along with the soft and fluffy pancakes, it was garnished with a rhubarb and raspberry coulis, fresh fruits, almond sauce, vanilla bean, orange mascarpone and toasted almonds. The coulis had a lovely tartness and worked well with all the other ingredients.

Mekko Market & Cafe always wows us with their new seasonal menus and this one is no different. It’s the perfect place to catch up for a coffee, have a meal and buy some pre-loved clothing.

WHERE: 89 Prospect Rd, Prospect


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