+82 POCHA – Late Night Menu

Located in the heart of the city just off Grenfell Street, +82 POCHA celebrates the best of Korean Street Food with a unique twist. The interior is vibrant, with neon lights giving a fun and urban look to the Seoul-inspired restaurant. We tried a selection of food available on +82 POCHA’s late night menu and we walked away so full and happy!

First up we tried their Korean Fried Chicken – an absolute must have! Korean Fried Chicken is gaining popularity in Adelaide, but this is hands down one of the best I’ve tried. The boneless chicken was moist in the middle, with a perfectly crispy exterior that was just the right thickness. The sauces with it were delicious too, and my favourite was the garlic soy. For those who aren’t afraid of a heat, +82 Pocha offer a Spice Challenge with some very hot sauces!

The next dish we tried was their Drug Corn Cheese. An interesting name, this dish is baked cheese, corn kernels and mayonnaise topped with corn chips. For me corn and cheese is a dream combination, so this was amazing! Definitely eat it as soon as it’s served when it’s hot and gooey, the corn chips act as the perfect scoop.

Next up we tried two Tteokbokki dishes – Rose Tteok and Carbul Tteok. I’m a big fan of these chewy rice cakes, and these Italian-inspired sauces were absolutely incredible! The creamy carbonara sauce of the Carbul Tteok was so delicious, and it also had bacon and pieces of hot dog. The Rose Tteokbokki sauce was tangy and flavourful, and it also had a bit of kimchi and some sweet potato noodles too.

Finally we had the Whole Squid. This impressive dish really was a deep fried whole squid! The batter was lovely and crispy, and the best part is you get tongs and scissors to cut up the squid. Served with slaw and a chilli mayo, it’s a dish not to be missed.

These fantastic dishes and more are part of +82 POCHA’s late night menu which is served from 9:30pm-1am Friday’s and Saturday’s.

Words by Heidi Ioannou from The Hungry Heidi

WHERE: 3/25 Grenfell St, Adelaide


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