Acacia – Brunch Tasting Menu

Imagine this: you’re sitting in a warm ray of mid morning light, the sounds of the ocean are in the background, and the smell of delicious food and coffee is in the air. Then, the first dish of an eight course brunch menu comes out to you looking like a piece of art, accompanied by a glass of breakfast champagne. This could be you enjoying the amazing Brunch Tasting Menu at Acacia, located just steps away from the sand of Henley Beach. We had the opportunity to try this stunning menu and what a treat it was.

We started with three dishes: Toasted Sourdough with Salted Butter, Pickled Mussels, and Soft Egg with Bean Kimchi and Shallot. The toast was deliciously crunchy and comforting, and the mussels had an enjoyable subtle seafood taste. The egg had perfectly soft yolks, and the kimchi and shallots gave a lovely tang.

Next up we tried Whipped Bonito with Fioretto. This was my first time trying fioretto, which is a hybrid between broccolini and cauliflower. The whipped bonito had that lovely taste of the ocean, and the lemon juice added a nice tartness.

The next dish that came out was Jerusalem Artichoke in Beef Garum with a Smoked Horseradish Emulsion. Artichoke is a bit hit and miss with me, but this dish has absolutely changed my view on it! The roasted texture was so perfect, and the beef flavour was gorgeous. It was a lovely and creative alternative to a traditional bowl of roast potatoes.

Following this we had Broccolini with Soft Egg, Miso and Sourdough Crumbs. Not only was this dish vibrant and inviting, it was full of flavour. The miso in particular made the dish powerful in it’s savoury notes, and the texture of the broccolini still had that bit of crunch which I love.

The final savoury dish was an absolute showstopper – Pork Belly with Celery Sauce and Pickled Apple. The pork belly was melt in your mouth, with a perfectly cooked fine layer of crackling. Apple and pork is a dream combo, but the celery addition was just what it needed.

To finish off our long brunch, we had Figs with Toasted Marshmallow Ice Cream, Honeycomb and BBQ Fig Jam. This was absolutely heavenly! All of the flavours worked together to create that perfect balance; the freshness of the figs, the sweetness of the honeycomb, and the charred taste of the marshmallow.

For just $45 per person, Acacia’s Brunch Tasting Menu is a delicious and fun experience with great value for money.

Acacia is open for brunch and lunch 7am-2pm from Tuesday-Friday and 8am-2pm on Saturday and Sunday.

Words by Heidi Ioannou from The Hungry Heidi

WHERE: 3/269 Seaview Rd, Henley Beach


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