Tasting Australia 2021 – Dinner in the Dark

Most of us are fortunate enough to eat with our eyes first, but for those with vision impairments eating a simple plate of food can be a challenging task that we take for granted. This year’s Dinner in the Dark fundraiser for Can:Do 4 Kids held at the beautiful National Wine Centre was a stunning event raising money for a very worthy cause.

Guests were blindfolded for a three course meal meaning we had to rely on our other senses to determine what we were eating. The reveal after was fun because we got to see how close our guesses were!

Up first was Duck with Liver Pâté and Beetroot Chips. Without seeing it I thought it was pork, it was so hard to pick. The liver pâté tasted a bit like blue cheese…or so I wrongly thought. The hardest part for me was cutting a portion that wasn’t giant – I think at one point I put half the serving in my mouth! We also got to see a plated version and it was stunning. We were seated on a table with the amazing Showblock Wines, who provided a paired wine with every dish of the night. Paired with our entree was The Majestic GSM which had a beautiful sweet finish to it and complemented the duck beautifully.

For our mains we put our blindfold back on for the next challenge which was Saltbush Lamb Loin and Lamb Croquette with Pickled Onion. Without sight I thought we were eating beef but when I started on the croquette it was unmistakably lamb. Cutting the meat again proved to be a difficultly – definitely something I take for granted! Paired with our main was Showblock Wines’ Velvet Pocket Cabernet Sauvignon – a beautifully rich and full bodied red wine.

Our last course of the night was a sweet finisher – Jam Tart with Chocolate Mousse and Berry Sorbet. This one was easier to pick than the others because the chocolate was so rich. Thankfully it didn’t have to be cut like meat so this one was a bit simpler, but just trying to coordinate our hands to the plate was tricky enough! Paired with dessert was Showblock’s Red Afro Sparkling Shiraz which is now one of my favourites! Bubbly and rich with a sweet edge, just how sparkling reds should be.

Dinner in the Dark was a fun event supporting such a great cause. I’m already looking forward to next year!

Words by Heidi Ioannou from The Hungry Heidi


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