Korean Fried Chicken has come to the suburbs. Introducing K Wings – a humble, homely new venture specializing in “Korean Food & Chicken”.

Tucked away in Glynde, this hidden treasure opened a mere month ago, and is already proving popular with the locals. Retaining the relaxed, cosy environment of its predecessor, K Wings has been revamped into a charming little space, reminiscent of a home away from home.

Seating just 20 patrons, the small kitchen is headed by Jina, who hones in on her skills to display an absolute mastery of her impressive and authentic menu. The team of welcoming, helpful staff make it feel as if you’re a friend, dining in their humble abode for a relaxed night-in (but out).

Cheese Stick
What’s not to love here? Cheese? Good. Deep fried? Good.

Decadent yet light, these mozzarella-filled, goldenly fried logs are perfectly coated, and a must-try for all cheese lovers.

While absolutely delightful on their own, immersing these sticks into the accompanying sweet chilli sauce takes this dish to another level; the resulting explosion of flavours and contrasting textures make this entrée an absolute knock-out.

Bibimbab (Bulgogi Beef)
The original rice bowl, this is a colourful mix of fresh and cooked vegetables, entwined with beautifully marinated bulgogi beef, and crowned with a golden yolk – making it as glorious to eat as it is to look at. Served with the traditional kimchi, this is a solid, delicately balanced bibimbab, with nourishing classical flavours that is sure to please the most avid Korean food lovers.

Chicken Katsu Curry
Served as a deconstructed dish of sorts, this katsu curry is rustically presented in three components: black sesame-topped rice, vegetable-laden curry, and of course, the katsu chicken.

The final showcases Jina’s outstanding, immaculately fried batter, which somehow manages to retain a satisfyingly glorious crunch, while avoiding the oiliness usually prevalent in similar dishes.

The moist chicken, coated in the moreish, crunchy exterior resembles the world’s most perfectly cooked schnitty.

The textural contribution from the protein, the creamy, spicy curry – imbued with sweetness from the vegetables – and the fluffy white rice combine harmoniously to make this a warm, hearty meal.

Udon-Based Noodle Soup (Spicy Pork)
This soothing bowl of comfort is perfect for the upcoming, colder months. The silkily smooth noodles are utterly slurp-worthy (try eating this without slurping!), with the spice from the thinly-sliced pork and richly intense broth providing a striking contrast against the calmness of the thick, white twirls of udon. The marriage of flavours leave a lingering warmth in the mouth that is completely gratifying.

Korean Fried Chicken
Arguably the most well-known Korean dish, it is no coincidence that K Wings has been named after this culinary favourite. With both boneless and wings-only options available – por que no los dos?

There are four flavours on offer: snow cheese, soy, sweet chilli and honey garlic butter.

The sweet chilli option is sticky, sweet and sour – everything you want from your KFC. There is enough of this glistening marinade to dress the chicken without drenching it, leaving little doubt as to the star of the dish – the moist, wickedly-crunchy fried chicken.

Conversely, the honey garlic butter is sinfully decadent – finger licking good, with a gleaming buttery seasoning that is sweet, salty, garlicky, creamy and super tasty. Make sure you stock up on a healthy supply of serviettes for these!

Served with a side of ultra-thin fries, freshly prepared coleslaw and brightly pickled vegetables that add a burst of piquancy to each bite, this is one helluva KFC.

This intimate suburban gem is sure to become your new favourite local – whether you’re from the area or not. Expect to leave with deliciously sticky fingers, a full belly, and a warm, warm heart.

K Wings are open 5-9pm Sunday to Friday.

Words by Anh Ngo

WHERE: 3/474 Payneham Rd, Glynde


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