Beefcakes & Shakes

When stepping into Beefcakes and Shakes, it felt like a door teleporting us into New York City. The walls were covered in spray painted art, and I sat and watched the Statue of Liberty shine on the City, while Ice Cube was staring with delight. I couldn’t quite figure out if I was on Grange Road, or two streets away from Times Square. This takeaway eatery is perfect for a quick bite to eat or to enjoy an American style meal to dine in or take home.

To start off with, we enjoyed a round of their monthly special, Dr Pepper Wings. Marinated in the American version of a Coca-Cola, these Dr Pepper Wings were the perfect mix of sweet and savoury. The hint of Dr Pepper busted with flavour from the first bite. I would hurry to Beefcakes and Shakes fast before April ends and these wings potentially disappear from this month’s menu.

Contrastingly, the Boneless Chicken was a classic take on everybody’s favourite fast-food joint, KFC. The chicken was moist and tender in the middle yet was crunchy on the outside. Paired with dill-mayo, it was a perfect gourmet version on a familiar chicken recipe.

The flavouring for the Crinkle Cut Fries had us licking our lips and truly completed this American diner feast.

Crunchy, flavoursome and sweet, the Onion Rings were unforgettable and almost addictive to eat.

Southern fried chicken topped with dill mayo and lettuce became my favourite burger of the night. Whether you are a pickle fan or not, the Chook Burger was inevitably blissful with every crunch and left a memorable feeling, leaving me wanting more.

Similarly, the Chicky Burger also included this crispy southern fried chicken but hit us with a twist. The jalapeños and chipotle mayo exploded with flavour and were a seamless pair for the well-loved burger. Topped with bacon and lettuce, it added the extra texture this burger was looking for.

For any burger lover, the Bacon Burger at Beefcakes and Shakes is a must try. We doubled our beef which made it double as flavoursome. The maple bacon, capsicum salsa, caramelised onion and mumbo sauce left an impressive aroma, resulting in a quick eating process as it was just too good.

For the meat lovers or anyone who just has a love for food must try this take on a Classic Burger. The usual ingredients – patty, cheese, lettuce, tomato and red onion. But what makes this burger special to the Beefcakes and Shakes diner? The Beefcake sauce. Turning this burger from regular classic to incomparable classic.

We decided to finish off on a sweet note and shared two shakes each. The Peanut Buttercup tasted exactly like a Reece’s Cup only mixed with chocolate, whipped cream and in the form of a drink.

The Glazed Donut shake had a caramel touch, making the perfect end to a well-loved dinner.

This American style eatery is a must try. Whether you are a burger lover or simply like good food, Beefcakes and Shakes is extraordinary and has awesome flavourings that are unforgettable.

Beefcakes and Shakes is open Monday to Friday from 5pm until late and Saturday and Sunday from 11.30am until late.

Words by Claudia Dichiera

WHERE: 567 Grange Rd, Grange


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