Big Shots Cafe

Located in the heart of Jetty Road, Brighton, Big Shots Café is an eatery specialising in breakfasts, burgers, sides, salads and cocktails. Amidst the calming, ocean breeze and bustling atmosphere, Big Shots Café has room for indoor and outdoor patrons. This makes it the perfect spot for a sunny, Autumn’s day feast.

The Big Shots Breakfast did not disappoint. The eggs were perfectly poached, with hard whites, yet a yolk that oozed from the centre. The bacon was crispy which crunched at the bite. These flavours were paired with a smoky tasting chorizo, sautéed mushrooms and slow roasted tomato. Generously portioned, the Big Shots Breakfast satisfied our empty tummies.

We think pancakes alone are tasty. But pair them with the, ultimate brekky side, bacon – how can you go wrong?! The Buttermilk Pancakes had a balance of sweet and salty and tantalised the taste buds. While being paired with the pleasantness of light, fluffy pancakes – it was an unflawed, anti-sweet breakfast.

The Pork Ribs were falling off the bone. These bite sized ribs left an aroma that made us want to dig in at the second. The Buffalo Wings were marinated in a sweet chilli sauce and included a crunch with sunflower seeds sprinkled all over the top. My favourite choice on the menu were the innovative Chicken Parmy Fries. It is a simple concoction yet was truly one to remember. Simply a parmy, on fries.

To finish off, we enjoyed a Hawaiian Burger. With a light coating, the chicken was cooked to perfection which left it juicy and succulent in the centre. Yet again, there was a contrasting combination of sweetness from the pineapple and saltiness from the bacon, which added a needed texture to the dish. And just when the delight of the burger was over, the side of onion rings crunched on the outside and busted with flavour from within.

The Hamdogger was sized as a hotdog yet tasted like a traditional cheeseburger – which we all know and love. The portion sizes were generous, making it a bang for your buck! The beef was juicy and oozed with every bite. The ketchup and mustard combo left a firework in your mouth – which is definitely worth trying. All paired with thick cut, deep fried hot chips, it was the ultimate lunch from an ultimate Café.

To finish off, we gave a cheers with a Cosmopolitan cocktail and Espresso Martini and reminisced on the mouth-watering meals.

Big Shots Café was definitely one to remember. With the ideal location and inviting fit out, we would definitely recommend for a quick lunch, catch up with friends or just because it’s incredibly delicious.

Big Shots Café is open from Sunday to Wednesday 8.30am-4pm, Thursday 8.30am – 8.30pm, and Friday to Saturday 8.30am – 9pm.

Words by Claudia Dichiera

WHERE: 65 Jetty Rd, Brighton


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