Love boardgames? Love to have a drink when you’re playing boardgames? Then Brainhackr Board Game Bar is your jam! Located on Flinders Street in the city it’s another Renew Adelaide project supporting cool new businesses around Adelaide.

As Adelaide’s only dedicated Boardgame Bar there’s the biggest and I mean THE biggest range of games available from old favs like Battleship, Chess, Backgammon or to the more obscure Gobble It, Fruit Punch, Bad Beets to your favourite Card games.

There’s free entry during Fringe, and a range of Pirate Life beers, cider, boozy shakes and cocktails on offer.

To help keep the new space safe and COVID free, they’ve introduced a few new rules for play:
If you’re finished with a game, you to drop it off at the bar rather than putting it back on the shelf.

This way they can give everything a clean before the game moves on to its next group.

They have a maximum capacity of 50 people, so to keep things fair they’ve implemented a 2 hour time limit. This way everyone can get in for some gaming.

They’ve introduced online ordering, so you can order from your phone and they’ll bring your drinks and snacks straight to your table.

To reduce physical handling, they’re going cashless and accepting cards, but no coins or notes.

Also, for due to COVID they’ve got a 2 hour time limit with a max of 50 people.

Open Tuesday – Saturday, 4pm – 10pm. No bookings, walk-ins only. No minors permitted after 6pm.

Same gaming fun just now in the city!

WHERE: 112 Flinders St, Adelaide


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