Gotcha Fresh Tea – First SA Store

Christmas might be over, but wait, there’s more gifts in store for South Australians! Melbourne and Sydney’s famed Gotcha Fresh Tea will be popping like fresh boba balls into the Adelaide market!

Combining traditional Asian tea ceremonies with super-luxe European-style tea salons,Gotcha reigns supreme with a quali-tea difference that makes them oh so slurp-able and Insta-worthy!

Each Gotcha Fresh Tea is individually brewed for individual order, using only pure fruit pulps and no artificial syrups or flavours.

Quality controlled and brewed from real tea leaves, Gotcha tea is famed and picked from their very own tea plantation in Mount Ali, Taiwan. This ensures they source the highest quality and purest ingredients for each hand brewed drink.

Rifle through the menu and refresh yourself with a fancy strawberry macchiato cheesecake frappe, zinging exotic fruit teas such as Kumquat Lemon Green Tea, Golden Passionfruit Green Tea, Mango Jasmine Green Tea or a creamy Black Sugar Fresh Milk Brûlée.

A hallmark of a truely great bubble tea are the chewy boba balls. Gotcha take great pride in preparing their signature boba and use only the purest tapioca powder, with no additives or colouring to create perfect, spherical pearls.

WHERE: 9/6-12 Capital Street, Mawson Lakes


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