Tiki Taco

People that have attended events, markets, festivals, privately catered events, and weddings would already be familiar with Tiki Taco.

Owner and Chef, Scott Mounsey, started the business as a food truck. It was through this that he was able to combine his passion for Mexican and South American food, and be able to connect with customers much more than what he could through a standard kitchen.

Scott has found that Australian Mexican food does not include traditional flavours. “I use traditional ingredients such a Achiote, make my own mole, make fresh tamales, conchas and handcrafted iced teas”, said Scott.

Moving into his first bricks and mortar business at City Cross, Scott says the menu is an extension of what was available in the food truck.

“The menu is a combination of recipes customers would be familiar with and some that are traditionally popular in Mexico”, said Scott. “My meat options are all high grade, grass fed, and slow cooked from my local butcher. We also take care of vegans, vegetarians, the gluten intolerant and those with other dietary requirements”.

Customers visiting the City Cross store can choose from tacos, quesadilla, nachos, burritos, elote, tamales and arepas, only to name a few!

The following are some of the dishes that we tried:

Fried Monterey Jack Cheese Sticks

Similar to the mozzarella variety, these fried sticks of goodness were gooey, mild, and buttery in texture. Nice and crunchy on the outside, and soft and smooth on the inside.

Arepas Con Queso

The grilled maize flat style bread looks like pancakes, but within them is gooey Monterey Jack cheese.


Can you really go wrong with a loaded corn on the cob? Smothered with butter, and topped with shredded Parmesan and smoked paprika salt, it really is a favourite. The corn itself was so sweet and juicy.


This traditional Mexican dish is made from a corn-based dough mixture. Steamed in a corn husk, this starchy dish will make you feel like you’re in Mexico.


Soft shell tacos are a favourite. The 6 inch handful of goodness is available with all your favourite fillings. We went with the pulled beef brisket, achiote chicken and vegan smoked beans.


We had the pulled beef brisket quesadilla that comes in a generously sized 10 inch tortilla. This dish will really sort out any hunger pains.


We really loved the loaded nachos. The organic corn chips were crunchy and of a decent size. Loaded with freshly made mole, pickled slaw and salsa de queso, this is a meal in itself.


We couldn’t go past the pulled beef brisket burrito. Generous amounts of tender, succulent, well seasoned beef were wrapped in a 10 inch tortilla. The inclusion of jalapeno really gave it a kick.

Cornbread with Maple Syrup

The cornbread was very cakey in texture. The saltiness of the bread was balanced by the sweet maple syrup.


Last but not least was the churros. Fresh out of the fryer, these sticks of goodness were crunchy on the outside and soft on the inside. Sprinkled with generous amounts of cinnamon and accompanied with chocolate dipping sauce, it was the perfect way to end the meal.

We’d like to thank Scott and his team for their kind hospitality. We’d also like to thank City Cross for organising our visit. If you’re looking for somewhere to eat, make sure you check them out!

Tiki Taco is open from Monday to Thursday from 9am-5:30pm, Friday 9am-9pm, Saturday 9am-5pm and Sunday 11am-5pm.

WHERE: Shop 4, City Cross, 31-39 Grenfell St, Adelaide


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