Lucky Dumpling Market 2020 – Food Review

Now in its 4th year the Lucky Dumpling Market is well on its way to becoming an Adelaide tradition. The welcome fragrances of vendors from a dozen different cultures and the environment that permeates when there is good food all-round.

The Lucky Dumpling Market is still on the River Torrens, across from the Adelaide Oval, but this time is in a larger space, meaning more vendors and more space to stretch out. A great way to enjoy that relaxed summer afternoon vibe. We sampled just a small selection of the vendors available and was very pleased by what we saw.

First was the South East Asian cuisine of Jalan Jalan, serving up Malaysian treats with a street food vibe. Their specialty being Nasi Kerabu which is herb salad, coconut, salted egg with their signature blue rice topped with sambal. This is topped with your choice of either Tauhu Pang Gang (Grilled Tofu), Rendang Daging (Beef Rendang), Ayam Gorend (Fried Chicken) or Sotong Sambal (Sambal Squid). This is a dish where flavour is the most important thing. The blue rice is a cute quirk but the rest boils down to grilled chicken, tofu squid, or beef rendang. Which is perfectly fine. It’s not flashy but has an authentic flavour.

Next, we crossed the park to try Enfes Delights with their Spiced Beef Gozleme. Gozleme seems to be a dish that’s on the upward trend. Popping up here and there and gaining traction as a delicious street food option and with good reason. I have yet to have a Gozleme I haven’t enjoyed and Enfes is no exception. With cheese melted to perfection and beef with just enough kick, this will get your night going.

We then headed to an old favourite which you may remember from the Gathered Market not that long ago. Ragini’s Spice and their Baby Potato Poutine. A take on the Canadian classic with an Indian twist. Fried Baby Potatoes spiced with Paprika and SA Riverland Salt, covered in cheddar which is blow torched to a gooey perfection. Served with your choice of Butter Chicken, Lentil Dal or combination of the two.

Now there are a heap of vendors on display and we couldn’t get to all of them. The last one we could fit in before our stomachs exploded was The Filipino Project. If there is anything the Filipino culture has mastered its roasts and this is exemplified in their Lime Roast Pork, chargrilled with that expertly crunchy skin and to top it off grab a cob of corn drizzled in mayonnaise, a surprisingly good combination.

So that is only a taste of what can be experienced at the Lucky Dumpling Market at Elder Park right now. The market will be on every night until November 15th.

Words by Jonathon Tonkin


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