Did you hear? Concubine once again took out the Restaurant and Catering award for Excellence with the Best Chinese Restaurant in the year of 2020. Are we surprised? Not the slightest. We just had to give them a visit to sample their new level of excellence.

It was only early in the evening and this place was already so alive. We saw every customer enjoying their food and there were not many empty tables left. You would have thought that being so busy there might have been a delay on the food or drinks but we were wrong. They were very efficient and even under the pump you don’t feel like they were rushing you. Everything flows really well in this place.

We were also suggested to try their Soft Shell Crab with Papaya Salad. It is their special and because we love our seafood, why not! Needless to say, we were not disappointed. Oh the tangy and sourness from the papaya salad gathered on top of the Crab was so mouth watering. Lucky us there were four of them on the plate to share.

We also tried the Duck Red Curry. This flavour reminds me of Thai Red curry. It was deliciously creamy and it’s mild so anybody can have this.

Lamb Ribs with barbecue sauce was also tender and I just love the fact that the lamb is not dry, we don’t see lamb ribs often in restaurants menu but they nailed this dish that night. Such a delicious treat especially when it’s perfectly slow cooked without over doing it, so tender and tasty.

Our Pork Belly came in a generous portion. We feel that this is definitely a dish to share for 2 people. Large cuts and marinated and slowly braised in dark soy, these are also very tender and great to pair with rice and bok choy.

Dark Soy Hokkien Egg Noodles was also one of the dishes we ordered and definitely encouraged to share. This is delicious and flavour of sauce with chicken breast fillet have absorbed really well into the whole dish making it hard to stop at one bite.

We cannot go pass the Salt and Pepper Squid. It is cooked so well with chilli and spring onion. We loved it and couldn’t fault anything. Also great to pair with hot rice or just eat it by itself as a light entree to share.

Pork Dumplings with black vinegar and chilli oil – comes in three this is perfect to share as well for entree. The size of each is very decent and do you even need to ask how it tastes? Why, fantastic of course.

A very well done menu, think fancy, with an elegant set up perfect for family dinners or a date night without the price tag.

Located along the end of Gouger St, we can definitely recommend this place in Chinatown.

Words by Dee Pene from Adelaide Food Authority

WHERE: 132 Gouger St, Adelaide


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