Adelaide Fringe 2020 – Frankenstein – How to Make a Monster

The BAC Beatbox Academy was established at the Battersea Arts Centre in the UK. With payment to the Academy merely a suggestion the aim of the Academy is to bring youth together from all walks of life in a shared appreciation of this auditory art style. 10 years later the Academy has thrived, going on to do shows the throughout the UK and receiving high acclaim and recognition. The BAC Beatbox Academy is a space where people can truly express themselves through their lyrics and sounds.

Frankenstein: How to Make a Monster is the Academy’s latest creation, directed by the Academy’s founder Conrad Murray. It is a visceral journey through a sonic landscape created only through sounds of the voice and some audio trickery here and there. Through vocal mimicry, acapella, hip-hop and an abundance of sounds that explore the whole range of what can be done with the human voicebox, Frankenstein takes you on a journey of free expression where these young talents show whats within themselves and what is possible when they let their creativity loose.

Separated into 5 chapters, the show explores themes of pride and hubris, bullying, social norms, beauty and a handful of other ideas. It’s easy to tell this is a true collaboration between the talent involved. Conrad has simply provided a guiding hand in the production of Frankenstein. The lyrics and emotion laced within the songs and sounds come from the hearts of the artists themselves. There is true passion, love and fun coming from what they do. The BAC takes a relaxed attitude to how their show should be experienced and encourage the freedom of movement during the show for you to enjoy the night however you like.

Starting with a curtain raiser of local Adelaide beatbox and hip-hop talent hand-picked from other communities around the city. The Academy’s main goal is to encourage the development and inclusion of young talent where ever it can be found. The show itself than begins and showcases some honestly impressive talent. From singers who can fill the room with brilliant arias to lyrical wizards who use their words to paint vivid images to beatboxers who themselves are sound libraries in human form that conjure a universe of different sounds through their techniques. Together they tell the story of the creation of Frankenstein’s monster, what it is to be human and the dangers that existing in modern society entails.

Truly expressive and endlessly captivating. This is young talent with a difference. Frankenstien: How to Make a Monster is showing at the Attic in RCC every night except Mondays up until the 15th of March. Get tickets here and come experience a sonic adventure unlike any other.

Words by Jonathon Tonkin


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