Adelaide Fringe 2020 – Amity Dry – Highway Superstar

Amity Dry radiated vibrance and passion throughout her 2020 Fringe performance, Highway Superstar. A celebration of songs we sing in the car, Highway Superstar showcases all kinds of music, from draggy 80s and power pop to 90s RnB and movie soundtrack classics. On stage with Melbourne keyboardist and singer Jamie Burgess, the pair bounced off of each other with cheeky wit and relatable chatter.

Gluttony venue, Empire Theatre, was packed to the brim with guests excited to witness the opening night of Highway Superstar. Amity’s sister, as well as prominent figures such as Maggie Beer, Taryn Brunfitt, and Mia Handshin were all present and eagerly got into the spirit of the performance.

You can not help but smile along with Amity as she belts out the lyrics to all the songs that we love, but don’t want to admit to loving. Her performance is honest and fun, and the audience can’t help but be swept up in the confidence and charisma of Amity Dry. By the end of the night, everybody was singing, dancing, and embracing the music!

Amity includes her audience with ease – at the start of the show she made everybody feel comfortable with her relatable humour and good nature, and by the end she had fans up on stage singing and dancing alongside her. Amity even invited her nine year old daughter up on stage to sing ‘Don’t Stop Believing’ by Journey, and this touching moment made the audience smile and cheer even louder.

Although an event for all ages, Highway Superstar definitely speaks to the ‘suburban mums’ of Adelaide and beyond, with Amity herself embracing being an ‘embarrassing’ Adelaide mum! So get the girls together, bring a bottle of wine, and sing along shamelessly with Amity Dry as she belts out the beats that everybody loves to sing in the car!

Words by Elisabeth Marie


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