Star Blaze

Do you wish to relive a time where the games were just a handful of coloured pixels, horror was gory and camp, every hero was in a loincloth or a jumpsuits and fantasy art was king? The glorious time that was the 80s, where B movie Horror and Sci-Fi was on every shelf in every Blockbuster and Civic Video. Now these franchises are all but dead but there are those out there that still keep the flame alive.

Meet Star Blaze, Adelaide’s latest and maybe only Retro Collectables store. The store deals in everything that has the retro atheistic to it. From VHS and Beta tapes, vintage games, classic books, vinyls, anime and manga and even a few old RPG books. Everything you could imagine that fits that neon vaporwave atheistic. Their main market is their VHS tapes but we’re not talking old copies of Hollywood films. Star Blaze has the real obscure stuff and cult favourites from Howling 2, Hundra and even Flesh Gordon. Star Blaze hits a niche that has been previously been filled by things like Monster Fest and Trasharama and that’s something, personally, that I can’t get enough of.

Star Blaze has just hit the streets, given life but the ever accessible and friendly Renew Adelaide. Renew continue to shine a light on young businesses in Adelaide that need a chance to show the world what they can do. This absolutely hits their sweet spot. A business that fills a niche that Adelaide haven’t experienced before.

It’s still early days for Star Blaze so the direction of their company isn’t set in stone. Owner Daniel Cross states that he has plenty of extra stock in an assortment of different types of retro collectables so he can gear the store with whatever’s popular. So regardless of what your looking for if it’s from the 70’s, 80’s or 90’s, give Star Blaze a buzz. You can find them on Hindley Street next to GU Filmhouse.

Words by Jonathon Tonkin

WHERE: Shop 10A, 128 Hindley St, Adelaide


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