Gelista – 10 Year Birthday

Our favourite South Australian ice-cream company, Gelista, are celebrating their 10 year anniversary, and we were lucky enough to join the party! At Gelista’s factory and head office in Ridleyton, valued customers, food enthusiasts, and special guests were invited to celebrate the beautiful artisan-style gelato and the people who created this incredible business and product.

The party was held in a pop-up tent out front of the factory, and was decorated accordingly with glittering fairy-lights, colourful balloons, and fresh plants and flowers. Guests were able to mingle whilst drinking barista made coffee, eating delicious food from Bree May of Food According to Bree Catering, and of course enjoying delectable samples of Gelista gelato!

Peter Cox founded Gelista in 2009 and his company has rapidly grown into one of the leading brands of luxury gelato in Australia. With a factory tour, we were lucky enough to see how the handmade gelato is produced in small batches, using batch freezing technology to ensure the creamiest texture and the purest flavours shine through. This dedication to quality is proven not only through the amazing taste of Gelista gelato, but through the unwavering support of Gelista’s customers and consumers.

Longterm customers were recognised in an awards ceremony hosted by the current Premier of South Australia, Steven Marshall. Other special guests came to celebrate the 10 year anniversary, including: Leader of the Opposition, Peter Malinauskas; Member of the South Australian Legislative Council, Jing Lee and City of Charles Sturt Mayor, Angela Evans.

While enjoying the party, we were lucky enough to have a taste of some of Gelista’s unique flavours and experience the delicious gelato ourselves. Apple and Guava with Salted White Chocolate is a beautiful pink treat for anybody who loves a fruity sorbet, but can’t resist the temptation of chocolate! The light tang of the fruits blends perfectly with the sweet white chocolate and creates a brilliantly unique flavour. Coconut with Raspberry Swirl is a fresh flavour with a beautiful, creamy texture. This dairy-free gelato embraces rich coconut and a smooth raspberry sensation to delight the senses and bring a tropical twist on a creamy sweet. Coffee and Cardamom with Mocha Swirl is a decadent gelato with rich flavours and intoxicating aromas. A beautiful, coffee-flavoured sweet is given a twist with the complex spice of cardamom. The mocha swirl adds a sweetness to the rich, spiced gelato and allows for an intriguing flavour. Lemon Myrtle and Macadamia with Toasted Coconut tastes like summertime, with the light and fresh flavours of citrusy lemon myrtle, and the incredible textures from the macadamia and coconut.

This gelato is a miraculous twist on your typical lemon sorbet, but with a more sophisticated flavour and creamier texture. We also tried some new flavours in the factory which are yet to be released, and all we are going to say is that they are phenomenal!

It was an absolute privilege to celebrate such an incredible company and the people who make it possible. We look forward to the next 10 years of Gelista, and can’t wait to see what brilliant concoctions they come up with next.

Words by Elisabeth Marie

WHERE: 22 Forster St, Ridleyton


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