OTR – Red Bull Red Edition

In an Australian first, South Australia’s largest private employer and Australia’s leader in retail convenience, OTR, is excited to announce the 2020 launch of Red Bull’s new flavour – the Red Edition – which will be exclusively available to OTR’s across South Australia from Saturday 11 January.

Red Bull’s Red Edition features the delicious new taste of watermelon with the iconic original Red Bull Energy Drink, which is much loved and appreciated worldwide by top athletes, students, busy professionals and travellers on long journeys.

OTR Head of Community, Partnerships, and PR, Jo Skene said, “We wanted our OTR customers to be the first in Australia to try the NEW limited-edition Red Bull – The Red Edition!”

“This Australian exclusive from one of the world’s leading brands Red Bull, shows once more that we are one of the country’s most innovative convenience retailers,” Jo concluded.

The Red Edition from Red Bull will be available in individual 250mL cans and will be priced in line with the 250mL Red Bull® Energy Drink range (RRP: $3.59)

The Red Edition from Red Bull will be available from all 148 South Australian stores.


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