Indii Flavours

On Tuesday Adelaide Food Central was invited to try Indii Flavours located in North Adelaide. This new, modern and vibrant restaurant is not your average Indian eatery. The menu will present recognisable dishes such as Butter Chicken, Rogan Josh and Tikka Masala, but with an elegant twist. The extensive wine list, offers beautiful blends from boutique local wineries, including the Clare Valley, McLaren Vale and Barossa Valley. Chef Rupesh Agrawal is a third generation chef whose recipes have been passed down from his Father and Grandfather who are both renewed cooks. He takes pride in the dishes he serves and this can be seen through his sensational menu.

Indii Flavours is open from 12pm-10pm Monday to Friday, which means it also provides a delightful lunch menu to its customers. From this menu we sampled the Masala Dosa: rice lentil crepe, sambhar, coconut and tomato chutney. The crepe had a soft inner but a crispy outside which helped to give the dish texture. The crepe was wrapped around a delicious filling of creamy starch which paired together like bread and butter.

We also sampled some dishes from the main menu including, Masala Puri: hollow puri filled with mixtures of various chutneys. I was interested to try this menu item as it was very unique to anything I had tried before. Inside a small puffed pastry called ‘puri’ sat a aromatic blend of chutneys, that could be eaten with one bite. This cold menu item not only burst with a lot of flavour, but a texture that worked well too.

Next we tired the Vegetable Samosa: mix of spiced peas and potatoes stuffed in pastry. A visit to an Indian Restaurant is not complete without a side of samosa. These crispy puffs of heaven were stuffed with aromatic spiced peas and flavoursome potatoes and it was a party in the mouth.

Another special vegetarian dish we tasted were the Bombay Sliders: A spicy delight from Mumbai. This dish is a little bit different to your typical slider, think all the Indian spices you can imagine slammed into a small bun. The best part of this dish was the bun, it had been toasted in a way that made the edges crunchy. A beautiful dish that I highly recommend to those vegetable lovers.

We ended the meal with the last two very traditional dishes including the Punjabi Butter Chicken, which was a highlight dish. You could tell that this curry had been made with love and passion. The creamy orange butter sauce coated the juicy and succulent chicken with flavours that I could not get enough of. Pair this dish with a butter naan and I guarantee you will leave Indii Flavours with a smile on your face. Sprinkled throughout the butter chicken were some nuts, which helped to give the dish that extra element of texture.

We ended with the Mix Grill: assorted chargrill selection with homemade dips. If you love your meat coated in a delicacy of spices, then this dish is the one for you. Crispy chicken, juicy lamb cutlets and a saucy sausage is some of the items you will find on this wonderful plate.

We would love to thank Owner, Sabby Soodan, Manager, Kshirod Behera and Chef Rupesh Agrawal, for inviting us along to try Indii Flavours. Make sure you head down to O’Connell Street in North Adelaide and say hello to the team and try their incredible menu.

Words by Tomika Salerno

WHERE: 114 O’Connell St, North Adelaide


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