Let’s Be Frank

BRKLYN has done a lot to to build it’s brand as a hip and trendy lounge/bar placed bang in the middle of Rundle St. With an underground New York vibe BRKLYN presents itself as a hidden gem popular with those in the know. One of the elements that makes BRKLYN a unique place is the use of it’s space. Not a huge place by any means but it is creative with how it uses it.

A neat quirk of BRKLYN is the space in the bar that it provides to other vendors. This space is currently occupied by a delicatessen and a radio station and previously a pizza parlour. The space available is tiny but it’s utilised well. After New York Fold moved on it was time for a new contender to make it’s mark. Introducing Let’s Be Frank an urban New York style Hot Dog vendor offering loaded hot dogs to the patrons of BRKLYN.

This isn’t the first rodeo for the owners of Let’s Be Frank, Emily Lorimar and Josh O’Shaughnessy. Having previously seen success with their Chicken Nugget obsessed brand Nugg Lyf, Emily and Josh are looking to expand out with fresh and exciting ideas. Having spent time living in Manhattan, Emily looks to impart the flavours and ideas she has picked up during her time there.

Items included are the Carnarsie Dog, named after Carnarsie in Brooklyn, which includes smoked cheese, bacon bits, ketchup and mustard or the Bed-Stuy Dog with Jalapenos, Cheese Sauce and Sriracha. They even cater for the changing times with their Vegan Dog, with a Vegan sausage, pickles, ketchup and mustard. Branching outside of hot dogs, Let’s Be Frank also offer Egg Rolls made from Fried Mini Franks with sauerkraut and sweet mustard dipping sauce and a finisher that’s an absolute must, the Crack Pie. No, it’s not what your thinking but it’s just as addictive. A native Brooklyn Recipe, think a dessert pie but if it was all gooey, sugar loaded crust. A typical American invention of taking the best part of something and turning it to 11. This will make you overdose.

Let’s Be Frank opened on the 12th of December just in time for the holiday season and the mad Fringe period. BRKLYN has once again improved it’s portfolio and exuded why it’ll be the place to chill out during Fringe Season.

Words by Jonathon Tonkin

WHERE: 260-262 Rundle St, Adelaide


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