BIT Beverages

Yes, we hear your thought. Another bubble tea place in Adelaide! And when we realised it’s owned by three caucasian guys, Paul Attanasio, Matt Attanasio and Clark Spendelow, we raised eyebrows. Our suspicions didn’t last long though, we checked the place out ourselves, we tasted their creations, and we love it. We reckon this is the first bubble tea place with a twist of Western culture, and we appreciate that.

BIT, which means Bubble Iced Tea, section their option by type of tea; Milk Teas, Fruit Tea (no milk), Coffee and Chai, Kombucha Tea, and Flavoured Milk. I will tell you more about this Flavoured Milk down below.

Their menu is short, yet it has covered everything you need. Some are familiar like the Iced Milk Tea or Matcha Milk Tea. Their coffee option also includes the Vietnamese Iced Coffee then there is the Activated Iced Latte, which is a combination of activated charcoal and coffee. A fascinating concept, we must say.

What also caught our eyes was their Kombucha Teas with an option like Lychee, Peach, Mango and more. These guys literally trying to introduce the healthy side of bubble tea. We love how they also feel confident to offer the option of no sugar at all if that’s what the customer wants as some other bubble tea places don’t even provide that or allowing that when a customer (aka me) asked for no sugar or half sugar. They also offer a substitute for honey instead of regular sugar or brown sugar.

How it works with BIT is they have the standard price, categorised into two. Little BIT and Big BIT, choose what you desire then gradually add what you want. Toppings are at .50c each, and they have plenty to choose from such as tapioca pearls, brown sugar pearls, fruity popping pearls chia seeds, basil seeds, and the list go on until I saw fruchoc. Oh yes please!

Matt was happily making me their specialty under the Flavoured Milk option. It had Nutella, Fruchoc and get this, Tim Tam! Shut the front door and take my money!

Bringing in the best of South Australia brands such as Fruchoc and Farmers Union Iced Coffee, BIT has every right to stay!

Located right inside the railway station building, they open at 8am and close at 6pm during the week. However, being only 3 weeks old, they are still very flexible with their opening hours and trialling on what works and what’s not.

Remember to give this place a go when you are coming in or going out of the city on a train, it’s the perfect ‘pit stop’.

Words by Dee Pene from Adelaide Food Authority

WHERE: Adelaide Railway Station


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