Rocco Pizza – Saving the World from Bad Pizza

Known for his strict rules and iron-handed principles, sourdough chef Rocco DeAngelis, has transformed pizza from a cheat food to something we can eat everyday.

Rocco has been on a passionate twenty-year quest to save the world from bad pizza, travelling to Italy, the Middle East, Africa, America and across Australia to perfect the ancient art of sourdough. “Italy was the starting place of the journey, I spent two years travelling up and down the long boot visiting all kinds of chefs, master pizza chefs, flour mills, tomato growers and oven producers to learn every weird, wacky and wonderful thing I could.

“I was obsessed with making and understanding as much as I could, absorbing and learning,” said Rocco DeAngelis.

After years of travelling, researching and perfecting his technique, Rocco is adamant sourdough is the only dough you should ever eat or feed your kids and family.

Made from just three simple ingredients, flour, salt and water, all natural sourdough takes three days of natural fermentation to break down the gluten, and carbs, meaning no bloating or feeling heavy.

“Sourdough is superfood in my world… For me it is ‘Sour Power.’

“It is the perfect dough in a world where bread and pizza has been so maligned. It is a healthy product, it makes you feel great,” said Rocco.

With a passion to change the way Aussies eat pizza, the father of three opened Rocco Pizza at Kidman Park.

The open environment, which lets diners see the magic unfolding in the kitchen, feels like an extension of your own home, with warm and friendly staff, free corkage, a no cutlery rule and affordable prices.

“We have a fantastic array of customers from health conscious people to athletes, to families with young kids,” said Rocco.

Unlike fast food chains, Rocco Pizza sources the freshest and best produce from South Australia and Italy to create its healthy toppings bursting with natural flavours.

“We want to change the world because in Australia pizza isn’t an everyday food and we want to make it an everyday thing.

“It annoys me when people say I’m having a cheat day; I’m having a pizza. It’s like yeah, because you’re having crap pizza, why don’t you have Rocco Pizza and you can have pizza everyday,” said Rocco.

Rocco is calling for other bakers and chefs to lift their standards, slamming the dangerous amounts of yeast, sugar and additives some add to their dough, which is responsible for bloating, stomach pains, eczema and spikes in blood sugar levels.

Rocco says dough must go through a strict three-day process, where wheat is broken down in order to make is safe for human consumption.

“I think it is negligent. They’re not willing to give the dough the time, or care that it needs before humans can begin digesting it.

“They haven’t made the investment in man power or resources…They want to make it in an hour, two hours… They don’t have the expertise and a lot of people don’t want the hassle because it is exceptionally time consuming,” said Rocco.

Rocco is so passionate about his food revolution, he is giving away free sourdough for his customers to take home and bake.

“We want to get people into the habit and understand how easy it is. We want to protect them from bad bread and made good bread readily available.

“I’m not trying to win against other pizzerias. I’m trying to say this is a mainstream food that lives on its own. If you want to join me, come on board. You want to get into the pizza market? Get into sourdough. You want to make pizza? By all means I’ll show you, I’ll teach you,” said Rocco.

It’s safe to say not all heroes wear capes, some wear aprons.

WHERE: 336 Findon Rd, Kidman Park


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