Biomorphik X Future Health Fitness

Non-for-profit organisation, Renew Adelaide have done it again – helping start-up businesses achieve their goals by providing rent-free office and shop spaces to aid in the dream-making process. Biomorphik and Future Health Fitness are just some of those lucky businesses, launching their apparel and fitness technology brand last week on September 5.

Conveniently located above the Rundle Mall and Gawler Place intersection, it’s the perfect epicentre for a trying business. I must say, the inside of the building is mildly creepy, however you’ll feel like you’re in a completely different establishment once you’re inside the crispy fresh, white-walled office. Although the space is considerably empty, Biomorphik and Future Health Fitness have chock-a-block plans which are already well underway.

Biomorphik and Future Health Fitness is a somewhat two tiered business – here’s the low-down on each.

Biomorphik is a clothing apparel brand which utilises compression materials and technology to improve the human body. The clothing is perfectly tailored to each individual by using digital software to tailor the garments to a 3D model of the individual. This model is achieved through a full body scan that is accurate within 2 millimetres!

Biomorphik apparel is divided into two different categories as the benefits are versatile; Biomorphik Medical and Biomorphik Active. Biomorhpik Medical claims to bring the body back to health faster, reduce recovery time and increase comfort. While Biomorphik Active claims to help athletes move better in competition and recover faster afterwards. Biomorphik’s current goal is to produce and deliver garments within 48 hours of a body scan. With their new office space, anything is possible!

Future Health Fitness
Future Health Fitness are providing people a better way to measure they health and track progress towards wellness goals. The office space is home to a Styku Surface Scanner, a piece of technology that generates a 3D model of an individual, providing a comprehensive health report.

According to the Future Health Fitness brochures, the scanner can:
• ‘Cross-sectional circumference measurements anywhere on your body,
• Activity and calorie expenditure assessment,
• Health risk analysis,
• Show full body composition data that includes; fat mass, muscle mass and bone mass.’

Amongst a list of other abilities too… impressive stuff!

You can find both Biomorphik and Future Health Fitness in the Edments Building on Gawler Place, Adelaide. If you have an queries, the team are passionate and ambitious and surely would not mind a visit in order to help you out. You might need their services if you’re an avid foodie like us!

Words by Dale Anninos-Carter

WHERE: Room 222, Level 2, 38 Gawler Place, Adelaide


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  1. Do you have a link to either of these? I don’t live in Adelaide but would love to check them out online!

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