Burger X

What could be better than the X-men? Burger X! Yes totally unrelated I know, except the X which is all you need to find the best burgers on the map.

Conveniently located at a convenience store (no pun intended) combined with X Convenience petrol station, this is the one stop burger joint you will ever need. Open 7 days a week from 8am until 12 midnight, and until 1am on Fridays and Saturdays, this burger place will crush your craving any time of the day, and before you ask, of course they do Uber Eats.

The first Burger X opened its doors in Plympton a few months ago. They quickly gained return customers after changing up some of their menu and now offers $8 deals of any burger, medium fries and medium drinks. For the quality you get, this value is not to be taken for granted as you cannot find this anywhere else. Since Burger X has got the Southern suburbs covered, they have now decided to open one up in the North. Elizabeth to be precise, just to make it fair for everybody. And better yet, they offer a drive through option there too.

We had the opportunity to visit the one in Plympton and sampled some of their burgers and fries. Let me start with a personal favourite of mine, the Loaded Fries. They have the Fries and Gravy, The Classic Bacon and Cheese and The Greek. Get all of them. But, if you really can’t, please try The Greek Loaded Fries and thank us later. Their marinated lamb with mayonnaise on fries are so good it will remind you of a proper AB. We just couldn’t stop eating it.

We also ordered the Nuggets which is made with 100% chicken breast. They come in a pack of 4 or 10, of course we picked the 10. They were perfectly deep fried and complemented the deep-fried Onion Rings very well which is also a must-have when you go here.

Now the moment we have been waiting for… The Burgers. We were very indecisive with what we wanted to order because they all looked so appealing. With names like ‘The Southern Belle‘ and ‘John Wayne‘ we couldn’t resist but to pick those two first among others.

The Southern Belle had the crispy fried chicken, bacon, cheddar cheese, tomato, lettuce and their spicy X mayonnaise which has peri-peri sauce in it. There was a kick to it when we took our first bite and it was marvelously delicious. I couldn’t resist asking for extra spicy X mayo and just smothered it on my burger buns. It was that good!

The John Wayne comes with a beef patty, cheese, bacon, onion rings, bbq sauce and mayonnaise. Nothing we haven’t heard before but still everyone’s favourite pick including mine. It had the crunchiness from the onion rings, the smokey flavour from the bacon while the tender beef patty complimented the ‘crunchy’ texture with melted cheddar cheese very nicely.

The exciting part was when we found out that we could pick how many stacks of beef patty we would like on our third pick; The X Cheeseburgers. Starting from one patty, two or three… Well no surprise here, of course we picked the three stacks or as they like to call it, The XXX Cheeseburger. Three patties, three slices of cheese, pickles, onion, ketchup and mustard. Elegantly presented in a slightly smaller bun, we were left feeling very satisfied.

Now a little plot twist: we mentioned about the X Cheeseburgers but there was also an X Burger. This one was special because it features their own homemade sauce. If you like tangy and creamy sauce on your burger then this is the one to order. They call it the ‘X Sauce’, as it should be. Move along ‘special burger sauce’ and ‘secret burger sauce’! With a beef patty, cheese, pickles, tomato and shredded lettuce, this is the one crowd pleaser you will ever need. The fries and nuggets were so well paired with this X sauce, I’d ask for extra because it can get pretty addictive.

The Get Grilled Burger which was a ‘cleaner’ option by having the chicken breast grilled instead of deep fried was added to the order and as expected was tasty and tender. Let’s not forget that they also cater for vegetarians by having the option to choose the ‘Veg Out Burger’. And for those who are lamb lovers, Burger X delivers it the ‘Greek Style‘ by putting together tender lamb yiros, fresh tomato, lettuce, and tzatziki. There are certainly plenty of choices for everyone’s taste buds.

Last but not least, the ‘All American‘ which comes with beef patty, cheese, pickles, grilled onion, tomato, lettuce, and the classic ketchup and mayonnaise. Let’s just say we left with nothing but a big smile on our faces.

For a burger joint, their menu is very easy to follow, and it caters for everyone’s cravings, we just love the fact they have All Day Breakfast options, Kids Meals, Meal Deals, Desserts and Shakes along with the usual soft drinks and juice options. With such affordable prices while maintaining their high standard of quality products, it’s not surprising to see the opening of another shop on the horizon. Perhaps one in Western or maybe the Eastern suburb?

The question is, which ones first? Well, I guess it really doesn’t matter because they are definitely worth the wait and nothings too far in Adelaide!

Words by Dee Pene from Adelaide Food Authority

WHERE: 366 Anzac Highway, Plympton and 46 Philip Highway, Elizabeth South


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