Qatar Airways – Qsuite Experience

Pick up your passport, pack your suitcases; it’s time to take a trip with Qatar Airways! As of the 1st of July, South Australian passengers will be able to experience Qatar Airways’ award-winning Qsuite business class flights between Adelaide and over 160 destinations worldwide. I could not think of a better reason to escape this winter season than to take off to one of 55 European cities for summer – especially with service like this!

This airline is one of the youngest globally with an audacious goal to become the world’s airline of choice, focusing on building a bigger destination network whilst continuing to share its award-winning customer service with their growing number of passengers. The choice is all yours as they continue to extend exciting new destinations almost monthly. Recently they have included Sweden, Turkey, Morocco the Philippines and as of October 2019, they will be including Malaysia.

Be the boaster of your buddies with a business class bed. One ticket will offer you three optional ways of travel; solo, companion or group. We were overwhelmed with the hospitality as we were treated by the finest features of this industry. We finally have the ability to transform our travel space. Qatar makes it flexible for all flying needs; giving their guests the option to work privately or socialise within a group of friends, family or colleagues. The quad beds are patented as the first ever double beds in business class – who will you bring with you?

From the moment we arrived at the airport there was a sense of stirring of surprise; we were about to encounter a new sense of style. Passing customs, privately checking in and connecting through the jet bridge to the aircraft as we breathlessly boarded for the ‘world’s best business class’ experience. Onboard we were greeted with our choice of champagne, sparkling rosé and orange juice whilst the Australian ambassador for Qatar, Adam Radwanski gave us a personal tour of the Qsuite. It was as luminous as the in-flight lighting options that they have paid meticulous attention to detail; witnessing every fine feature and benefit of flying on their Airbus 350.

Cabin crew waited around us with their award-winning smiles; offering us Arabic (pre-pitted) dates and coffee whilst we meandered the suites, socialising as we shot social media posts and shared in our desire to take more flights soon! Shortly after we were called to take our assigned seating as they prepared to plate up and take off for food featuring the culinary design of George Calombaris with a 3-course selection. Guests will have the option to select whichever meals they desire onboard their flights – We are sure that no matter what you choose, you will be glad to be aboard Qatar.

First up we were given a selection of warm bread; white, sourdough and rye. A crisp crunch to the exterior and a soft pillow of dough to delight you on the inside – Every bite as fresh as the next. The rye subtly hiding seeds for an extra delightfully nutty flavour and change in consistency. We loved that there was no need to decide, you can have them all – just make sure you save some space for what’s next!

The vegetarian entree was delectable! Soft subtle slices of eggplant laid on top of perfectly pillowed goats curd. Each piece placed perfectly on the plate amidst a procurement of rice and lentils. The contrast of texture was emphasised with the varietal of flavours bursting through sweet and salty senses with seasonings and the fresh pomegranate and raisins.

The other guests had Western Australian Marron Cocktail with fresh lettuce and anise jelly.

Next up we had the honour to feast upon our mains. Mine was the vegan selection, they cater for all dining options onboard. Tonight they offered cauliflower couscous with a pumpkin purée and roasted pine nuts The pumpkin cut away firm to the touch, soft to the bite and melting away in the mouth with an array of nutty spices. The purée made me feel at home with my mum’s best soup, there’s no more comforting way to fly!

I heard the other passengers rejoice with their mains of Braised Beef Short Rib, potatoes à la Grecque, caramelised and pickled onions.

Finally, we were all treated to the most delectable dessert. Chocolate and Orange Panna Cotta with a passion fruit coulis. The design of the plate was like a fine painting; perfectly styled and balanced waiting for us to devour from the eyes to our stomach! The chocolate was balanced but dense and sadly no wobble. What it lacked in movement it made up for in taste; with a uniquely subtle bitterness, emphasised with the tang of the orange within and the passion fruit beneath. Refreshingly balanced out by the medley of strawberry on the side with tempered white chocolate – just managing to snap with a crack of the spoon.

For the first time in all of my travels, I was saddened by the sound of the fasten seatbelt sign. We were coming to a landing and finishing up our experience onboard Qatar Airlines. With one last finishing touch, the staff supplied us with hot towels steaming with smells of Turkish rose alongside a selection of Godiva chocolates. A sweet personal touch to finalise our time together.

It is clear as the fresh air they fly as to why Qatar was awarded ‘Airline of the Year’ at the 2019 World Airline Awards. If you plan on booking with them on an international seat soon, or if you have already purchased a ticket to be one of the first to fly from Adelaide in their first class cabin, then you are in for a life-changing experience that will have you longing to keep your head up in the clouds!

Words by Leesha McGuiness


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