Cabaret Fringe Festival 2019 – Official Opening

Cabaret has been a consistently growing scene the world over. Adelaide is no exception with the explosion of growth seen at the Adelaide Fringe more and more eyes are getting out there and viewing the fantastic and tantalizing talent that Adelaide has to offer. But Cabaret doesn’t die when the Adelaide Fringe ends. The passion for this art is kept aflame by fellow lovers of this beautiful artform.

Cabaret aficionado’s Paul and Adam Boylon along with Jay Robinson have been working hard since 2008 to build and promote the cabaret scene. With their fledgling project, the Adelaide Cabaret Fringe, this trio has looked to give a platform and support local cabaret talent and bring even more of this spectacular art to Adelaide. What started as an event on whim a week before the Cabaret Festival stated has continued now for over 10 years to become a staple of the arts and performance line-up. Traditional and non-traditional cabaret, vocalists, musicians, burlesque and circus performers are all brought together this year in an astounding line-up lasting until the 29th of June, blending into the Cabaret Festival proper.
Both the Festival and Fringe have their strengths and feed off each other and in the end, both help create a better environment for cabaret and the arts in Adelaide. The Cabaret Fringe Festival is bringing a line up of talent and variety to feed your live performance appetite.

The likes of rock-pop vocalist Michelle Pearson with her devilishly sweet show, Just Desserts. A showcase of burlesque fusion with the ladies of Choo La La and the Cabaret Collective. The entrancing talents of Adelaide’s hypnotist extraordinaire, Issac Lomman. A swinging digs of sensuality and excitement which is The After Hours Cabaret Club. This is only a glimpse of the plethora of acts available to view during the Cabaret Fringe. However you like your cabaret served the Adelaide Cabaret Fringe will serve it to you and you will like it.

Head over to the Adelaide Cabaret Fringe site here and view all the delectable delights on offer and pick your poison.

Words by Jonathon Tonkin


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