Barossa Valley Chocolate Company – Hot Chocolate Month

The Barossa Valley Chocolate Company is one of the newest additions to the town of Tanunda.

They have recently launched their Hot Chocolate Month for June. During this month, you’ll have access to nine new flavours, which include ruby, honeycomb, chilli, rocky road, mint, fudge, hazelnut, peanut brittle and Stan-The-Man.

The Barossa Valley is well known worldwide for its award winning wines, so why not pair a glass with a decadent chocolate, or better yet, combine both flavour profiles altogether? Well, take a seat, because the company has already thought of that. One of their new hot chocolate flavours, Stan-The-Man, is actually a cabernet Shiraz and Belgian chocolate blend; It doesn’t just sound delicious, it tastes delicious too!

The company also offers chocolate and wine pairings, where you can get your hands on some handcrafted wine, from Vineyard Road, alongside a selection of delightful chocolates. They also run chocolate making classes and birthday parties too.

The Barossa Valley Chocolate Company does their best to source products locally. For example, the Honeycomb Hot Chocolate actually uses Buzz Honey, from the Adelaide Hills. Chris and Sandy explain that during the development process, “over 2,500 South Australians taste-tested our chocolate to help us choose the final product that we produce – so it really is South Australia’s chocolate, chosen by South Australians for South Australians.”

So, what are you waiting for? Come up to the Barossa Valley and experience something that’s “fun for all”!
To find out more information about the company, please visit:

Words and Photos by Silvana Weyerhauser-Maher

WHERE: 64 Burings Rd, Tanunda


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