Langhorne Creek Wedding Trail

Winery’s have long been the pristine location for a wedding. Brilliant scenery, accommodating venues and iconic food and wine. South Australia is chockas full of winery locations that can fulfil your wildest wedding dreams. One region that can be overlooked but is just as picturesque is the lovely Langhorne Creek. From Belvidere Winery to Woodburn Homestead, the Langhorne Creek Wedding Trail stretches 10km, the start of the trail is only six minutes away from Strathalbyn.

The Wedding Trail is made of five separate venues each beautiful and charming in their own right. At each location a handful of vendors, promoting all the products and services you could possibly need in the possible venue of your dreams. From celebrants, like Pat Haynes from Kiss Kiss Weddings, to the ever-popular Kombis at Kombis4u and even options for your fur babies from The Little Animal Co. Anything and everything was up on offer at the Langhorne Creek Wedding Trail. Adelaide Food Central took the trip to take a squiz and find the highlights from all the lovely offerings in Langhorne.

The best venue of the five would have to be The Winehouse, 1509 Langhorne Creek Rd. An immaculate premise with a rustic and homely vibe. An accommodating reception area with a number of long tables that were decorated with stunning flower arrangements by The Turquoise Rose. This is capped off with an open and idyllic outdoor area to host the wedding of your dreams. Lighting, arrangement and atmosphere all combine to make this a highlight venue.

When I say the Winehouse is the place to be though that’s not to discredit any of the other venues. Woodburn Homestead, off the main road, is the ideal place for your ‘out in the country’ wedding. Belvidere Memorial Hall has history and a much more antique feel. Every location has its strengths, and all deserve a visit and they are all less than 5 minutes from each other.

The other big attraction presented at the Langhorne Creek Wedding Trail is the huge amount of services available to those who are looking to realise their dream wedding. Delicious wines from Vineyard Road, romantic melodies of Deviation Acoustic, gorgeous arrangements by Blush -Wedding and Event Florist-, artistic cakes from Lyons Den Cakes. All these marvellous vendors and more were situated at each venue to simulate that unforgettable experience you’ll have as you tie the knot.

Please see a list of all businesses featured in this article and their contact information.

Words and Photos by Jonathon Tonkin



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