Tasting Australia 2019 – Gelista

Earlier this week we visited the Gelista store at the Tasting Australia Town Square. After trying almost everyone of their gelato flavours, we moved onto their Bombe Alaska. We’ll get to those but first; the gelato.

Gelista is based here in SA with their factory located in Ridleyton. You’ve probably seen their brand at Foodland or in one of the many cafes around town. Their flavours are absolutely popping! The favourites around the table were the blood orange and dark chocolate, the strawberry sorbet, peanut butter and chocolate swirl, mint and dark chocolate and the Oreo… oh the Oreo! Gelista use as many SA grown ingredients as possible and produce their gelato in small batches using traditional techniques which means that every mouthful tastes as good as the last and the next and the next and the next….

To the Bombe! When you first started going to desserts bars and saw Bombe Alaska on the menu, were you intrigued? The name alludes to explosions in an icy world… the first time I saw one I thought of a toasted, flaming snow ball. What was it hiding inside!? Bombe consist of a base layer of sponge topped with super frozen ice cream which is then coated in a soft merengue. Traditionally the Bombe is then baked, to toast the marshmallow (whilst maintaining the super frozen centre) but using a blow torch works just as well!

The first bombe prepared and toasted in front of us had a strawberry sorbet centre. This sorbet is made using the red strawberries from the Walker Family farm in the Adelaide Hills. I plunged my spoon through the soft merengue, the dense ice cream and the sponge and then eagerly popped it into my mouth. Bliss! The combination of flavour, texture and temperate was fantastic.

The next one that we had was filled with Gelista’s fig, ricotta and honey gelato. The Bombe even had a little fig on top of it! The ricotta is supplied by La Casa del Formaggio, the honey is produced in Kangaroo Island and the figs are sourced from a farm near Houghton. These flavours worked so well with the bombe! We tried a few more flavours of bombe but after this one my taste buds had tuned out because they’d met their match… absolutely delicious!

You’ve got two more days to check out Gelista’s store at Town Centre! Head along, grab a bombe and thank us later!

Words by Vanessa De Chellis

WHERE: Victoria Square, Adelaide


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