Nikon Z Series

This week, we were invited to celebrate the release of Nikon’s new Z Series cameras.

Held at the National Wine Centre, we were able to have an immersive experience into the new Nikon camera range, with the event dedicated to showcasing the future of mirrorless cameras and full-framed imaging.

The Z Series is Nikon’s answer to the ever-increasing demand for unrivalled image quality in both stills and video. The secret is in the Z Series’ large lens mount, with 55-mm inner diameter and short 16-mm flange focal distance; Nikon is bringing great flexibility to the optical design of the lenses, which are then able to deliver perfect quality definition and depth to your images.

The Z Series places an equal emphasis on perfecting both still photos and video, creating a sharpness and picture quality that is for everyone who has a passion for making beautiful images and cinematic videos.

We got the opportunity to try the Nikon Z Series for ourselves, including their new cameras, the Z6 and Z7, testing the new technology and experiencing the new autofocus, image quality and high speeds; all made possible by the latest mirrorless cameras and NIKKOR S-Line lenses.

We were also joined by award winning Melbourne based photographer and digital artist, Karen Alsop, who told us about her experiences with using the new Nikon Z Series cameras.

Alsop uses graphic design to bring art and photography together, creating beautiful and imaginative artworks that take the viewers on a journey.

“I’m all about creating things that are impossible in reality,” she said.

Karen explained and demonstrated to guests some of her new favourite features in the Z7 mirrorless camera, using some of her current works as examples as to where guests could use the new features.

In-Camera Focus Stacking: Alsop explained this feature in one of her ‘racing snails’ images; the new feature helping her to get her photograph of a micro snail in focus from front to back.

She also showed a live example of the camera working; taking a stack of photos of the audience, then compressing the image to have a fully focused photograph of the people’s faces, even of those who were sitting right at the back.

Follow Focus and Filming: Paired with video mode on the new Z7, it follows selected people, so even if they walk around or go off screen then back on again, they will automatically stay in focus.

The Z7 also has high resolution with 45.7 megapixels and films in 4k HD (1080) in up to 120 frames per second all while still capturing audio.

Customisable i button and lens ring to organise for easy access on the features you use the most. Alsop set her follow focus to be the first feature under the i menu, and her exposure compensation on the external ring on the lens for easy photos on the go.

“I just love this camera. It has been the camera that I have been waiting for a very long time. The features that I have been waiting for are in the Nikon Z7,” Alsop said.

Karen Alsop also told guests how the Z7 features and image quality helped her create images that were not only wonderful in quality and simple to execute, but also helped others in need.

Alsop started the Heart Project in 2016 and also Christmas Wish in 2017, bringing hope to sick children and their families worldwide. She helps sick/disabled kids and their families, producing photos where they are free from their limitations; for example, standing without needing a wheelchair.

“I have created many images for children and families that have challenges […] but changing someone’s life with your work is just a phenomenal feeling,” she said.

Photography and videography is all about capturing precious memories and telling a story. You can communicate through emotion and make connections with images alone; with the new Z Series helping to make life that bit easier, so people can spend more time enjoying life.

“It’s just incredible what you can create with these cameras. The possibilities are endless,” Alsop said.

Explore and discover with the new Nikon Z Series mirrorless cameras. Overwhelmingly sharp resolution that reproduces every minute detail accurately, The Z cameras and NIKKOR S-line lenses are a must have for any aspiring or professional photographer.

So bring your imagination to life and show your story with a Nikon Z Series camera today.

Words by Cyndal King


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