Cosentino – Dekton Stonika Xgloss

On Thursday night Adelaide Food Central was invited to the launch of the new Dekton Stonika Xgloss range of Cosentino bench tops. As we appreciated the beautiful bench tops we were also treated to delicious food and even better drinks.

The Dekton Stonika Xgloss range has a few key elements that make it stand out to the others. It’s firstly hyper realistic, this means it does not require a thick glassy layer, this way the image of the top is not ruined and the design is clearer. Secondly it is resistant to thermal shock, which means there is less chance of your bench top cracking. Thirdly their products have a sublime edge, which gives the bench that extra sharp look.

The event itself was held at Rawson’s Electrical in Plympton Park. It was a fantastic night from start to finish. It was catered by the lovely team at Cru Tapas Bar and Kitchen whose food was not only delicious but also fresh and authentic. We were served chorizo and prawn skewers, sausage, mushroom skewers, pizza and cheese skewers. They also had the Sweet Spaniard a delicious churros food truck, which are now my new favourite churros place, and even better they cater for vegans as well. To top things off they had a gin bar with a range from the team at Prohibition Liquor serving gin and tonic and gin spritz.

Thank you to Cosentino for organising another great night, we were very impressed at how much effort was put into the success of the event.

Words by Tomika Salerno


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