The Highway – Wine Dinner Series

The Highway presented a journey for your tastebuds with the Wine Dinner Series. Guests were treated to a five-course meal, each with two wine parings. One French and one Australian.

After each course, everyone would vote for their favourite wine. Guests didn’t know which one belonged to which country so the patriotic wine drinkers couldn’t just vote for Australian wines every round.

On arrival we were warmed up with a glass of Pol Roger Brut Champagne. The first course was fresh from sea with Hot Smoked Coffin Bay Oysters. They were warm with a bitter-sweet tinge. The texture was smooth and it felt like you could taste the ocean. The presentation fitted the theme as the oysters sat on a bed of sea salt.

For the second round we dug into Scallop Ceviche. The caviar on top gave it a nice tangy crunch and the ginger cleaned your palette so you could properly taste and smell the wine parings. It wasn’t filling but it was fulfilling.

Things started to get even tastier in the third course when we sunk our teeth into Pressed Lamb Shoulder. The lamb was easily pulled apart. It was very sweet and juicy and soft. I felt like I could’ve ate a kilo of the lamb shoulder. It was that good.

The courses got better and better as they went. The Beef Fillet was thick and cooked to my favourite – medium rare. It went down well with the Potato Galette on the side. It was very succulent and left a warm flavour in my mouth.

My sweet tooth was very satisfied with the White Chocolate Parfait. It was absolutely delicious. It had everything I expected from fruity to creamy with a strong crunch that didn’t overpower the soft texture. Although the wine pair didn’t match with the dessert.

The whole night was a fun journey of learning about foods and wines. It comes with the enthusiasm of trying something different while being surrounded by good food and good company.

Words and Images by Christian Cominos

WHERE: 290 Anzac Highway, Plympton


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