Adelaide Fringe 2019 – Mickster’s Magical Gadgets

There is plenty of entertainment and thrills to be had at Gluttony during this year’s Fringe but exactly how much fun is there to be had for kids? Luckily one brave hero, Mickster the Trickster has swooped in to save the day for all parents looking to delight their kids at the Fringe.

With the only children’s magic show at Gluttony this year, Mick will not disappoint in providing a fun-filled energetic entertainment option for kids to enjoy and take part in the festivities of the Fringe. Mick and his crew have put together an engaging and amazing show that will enthral kid’s while it entertain’ s adults.

The ever spirited and silly Mickster the Trickster is very hungry, but his hamburger has been stolen by the devilish Captain Spike. Mickster will need the help his wacky gadget’s, his dove’s Marshmallow and Fairy Floss and of course a helping hand from the kids to stop Captain Spike and find his hamburger. This show combines traditional magic and prestidigitation with cool gadgets and effects to create wonderous and fascinating experiences that’ll have kids jumping out of their seats.

Mick has plenty of charisma and spirit to give a full tilt performance on stage. Giving his all to the audience, he interacts and makes all the crowd feel involved in his hijinks. This is easily this show’s greatest strength. The tricks are enjoyable, and the gadgets are neat but it’s Micksters energy and his ability to hold and entertain the kids that is outstanding (easily the hardest trick to do in showbiz).

Mickster will be available after the show introduce showgoers to his partners in crime, Marshmallow and Fairy Floss.

If you want to entertain your kids at the Adelaide Fringe this year this is one you’ll want to check out for their sake.

Mickster’s Magical Gadgets is performing every Saturday and Sunday during the Fringe at the Parasol Lounge at 1pm as well as Monday the 11th at 1pm.

Words by Jonathon Tonkin

WHERE: Rymill Park, Corner of East Tce and Rundle Rd, Adelaide


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