Gluttony 2019 – Launch Night Spectacular

The Fringe is now in full swing and oh boy, is there a lot to see. This year sees one of the biggest line ups of performers, comedians, artists and everything in between, that we have ever seen. So how exactly do you go through the massive Fringe guide and cut down to what you want to see? First of all, see as many shows as you can, Fringe is one of the best times of year in Adelaide and performers both big and small gather together and rely on our attendance. To make things easier though, Gluttony put on an Opening Gala to show some of the lively shows coming out of Gluttony this year.

Gluttony has improved year on year, moving from strength to strength. This year the pace isn’t changing, and Gluttony continue to provide a line-up of quality shows and activities. The night was warmed up by a showing of Rebel. If your looking for a performance which is indistinguishable from David Bowie’s own sound, then Rebel is pitch perfect. If you want a show on top of that then Rebel is even more.

Following the warm up Dylan and Hayley from Nova 91.9 introduced us to a number of performance samples that are all going to light up Gluttony during this years Fringe. First up was an acapella performance of Aussie classic ‘You’re the Voice’ by the choirs of Jackson vs Jackson, The Choir of Man and the Magnets. Showcasing the plethora of vocal talent on display at Gluttony. The rest of the night was then taken over by the incomparable Hans the German, who introduced the following acts with his own zest and flair.

We were then treated to a heart-in-your-throat performance from magician Matt Tarrant, the sultry tones of Amity Dry for her musical cabaret show, Fortified. An interview with Hugh Sheridan then led to an impromptu jam session with a couple of his fellow California Crooners who were in the audience.

Robotics engineer turned magician, Charlie Caper, winner of 2009’s Sweden’s Got Talent, then delighted the audience with the whimsical magic assisted by his mini robotic-self. This was all capped off, quite appropriately, with FINALE. A breathless and dynamic circus show that is sure to astonish audiences with its primal and daring theatrics.

The Gluttony Opening Gala gave attendees a glimpse of everything that the returning super venue has to offer. I can’t think if any reason why I shouldn’t see any one of these shows so I trust you can’t think of one either. Go get tickets now at

Words by Jonathon Tonkin

WHERE: Rymill Park, Corner of East Tce and Rundle Rd, Adelaide


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