Boca Chica Bar – New Menu – January 2019

Boca Chica Bar has again delighted us with its authentic Tapas and Spanish themed foods. Located in Modbury, Boca Chica Bar is dedicated to bringing Adelaide all the tastes of Spain.

Famous for their tasty and authentic tapas, Sangria and other Spanish dishes, Boca Chica acts as a mini-Spain to Adelaide’s Northern Suburbs.

We love Boca Chica Bar as it’s literally like walking into a mini-Spain. When we entered we were greeted with a delightful outdoor terrace surrounded by green vines. Upon stepping in the front door, there is Spanish music and the waft of spices and cooking meats. Old vinyl artwork from Spanish artists decorate the walls, setting a fun atmosphere for all to be involved with.

On our visit this time we were presented with more fabulous dishes. From a delectable meat platter to refreshing salads, Boca Chica Bar gave us their all.

Patatas Bravas with spicy roast tomato aioli
These potatoes set an example to how all roast potatoes should be! Crisp on the outside but fluffy on the inside, these potatoes are way to easy to eat. We loved the heavy paprika and smokey taste paired with the creamy aioli. Definitely a favourite starter of ours!

Broccolini, chilli, parsley & almond salad
Looking for something fresh? This salad is certainly for you. The broccolini gives a satisfying crunch and pairs well with the fresh taste of parsley. The kick of chilli boosts this salad onto a whole new level. The textures were fantastic, every bit was a new experience in taste and texture.

Tomato, Spanish onion and parsley salad with roasted croutons
This is a more traditional Spanish salad with the huge benefit of crispy croutons. Generous slices of dressed tomato are paired with refreshing onion and parsley. These acidic flavours go fabulously with the dense croutons and certainly tie the dish together. The intense parsley in this salad gives us the feeling of actually dining in Spain!

Pork Grill
One of the best share platters we’ve ever had, this pork grill comes with a variety of meats destined to satisfy all meat-lovers. With semi-cured chorizo, tristorra sausage and roast pork belly, what’s not to love? We loved the different flavours that each pork had to offer. From the spiced chorizo, smokey tristorra sausage to the classic crispy pork belly, there were so many delightful tastes. This is a must try at Boca Chica!

Portuguese Marinated Chicken
Beautifully presented and beautiful to eat, the Portuguese marinated chicken is tender, soft and packed with flavour. A generous portion of meat designed to dip devilishly in a sweet and creamy pepper sauce, this dish isn’t one to miss. The perfect additions to the chicken were fluffy roast potatoes, lemon and a generous garnish of fresh parsley. Bueno!

Pork Rib Eye
This pork rib eye serves as the perfect finale to our Spanish feast. Served with a smokey piquillo emulsion, this tender portion of pork is terrific. We loved the sweet piquillo pepper sauce and loved the dish’s direct ties to Spain, with the piquillo pepper being grown in the Ebro River Valley in Northern Spain. This rob eye is garnished well with fennel and parsley, which give a fresh taste to the rich meat and sauce. We loved how well the different components of the dish went together.

We loved our visit to Boca Chica Bar and look forward to coming again. If you too would like to experience the delights of Spain without booking an aeroplane ticket, you can visit Boca Chica Bar on Tuesday-Thursday from 4.00pm-10.00pm and Friday-Saturday 12.00pm-12.00am.

Words by Kitty Barr

WHERE: 561 Montague Rd, Modbury


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