JAMU – 1st Birthday Celebrations

Health and wellness bar, JAMU, are celebrating one year of nutritious and delicious offerings at their Adelaide Central Market based stall. Owners and founders, Laura Kerins and Karli Stanton, pride themselves on providing healthy dishes created exclusively with taste in mind that can be enjoyed on the go.

“We were inspired to start our journey a year ago after travelling overseas, we found a lot of great places that offered wholesome food on the go and thought this was something Adelaide is missing,” says Laura Kerins.

“People often think healthy food is boring and we wanted to dispel that myth and create a menu that not only nourishes our bodies but looks and tastes great too. All our products are packed full of fresh flavours, colours and good vibes,” says Karli Stanton.

JAMU are passionate about providing whole, unprocessed, seasonal and simple foods and pride themselves on creating handmade, natural recipes using the best possible ingredients.

“You won’t find any dairy, gluten, soy or refined sugar in our products, just delicious ingredients that are good for our bodies. We are all time poor and too often people on the go are opting for convenient options which are unhealthy and unsatisfying – we do the hard work so you can enjoy nourishing food on the go,” says Laura Kerins.

JAMU offer a wide range of cold pressed juice, smoothies, smoothie bowls, iced teas, frappes and ‘not-so-naughty’ treats. They also offer sweet and savoury breakfast and snack pots, freshly prepared fruit and vegetables and a wide range of cold drinks including kombuchas, kefir, sparkling waters and health tonics.

“Our customers love our acai smoothie bowls, green juice and our smoothie special which we change up every few weeks depending on what’s in season, so we always have something exciting and new on the menu,” says Karli Stanton.

Laura and Karli are seasoned professionals in the hospitality industry working in fine foods for over eight years and have spent a lot of time working in the Adelaide Central Markets which fuelled their passion for fresh, home-grown and home-made food.

“We are all about balance and believe life should be full of the good stuff. If you obey all the rules you miss all the fun, we want our customers to be able to have their cake and eat it too!” says Laura Kerins.

For more information and their full menu visit www.lovejamu.com.au.

WHERE: Stall 69, Adelaide Central Markets, 44-60 Gouger St, Adelaide


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