Lost Barrel Bar and Grill

Lost Barrel Bar and Grill is an all-new eatery that has make its way to Adelaide’s eastern suburbs.

The restaurant located in Norwood has taken over an old heritage listed church along the Parade. With a beautiful décor, the old venue is stunning. The ornate ceilings and the original stain glass windows work well with the modern fittings, highlighting the history of the spacious building while also showing its growth into the modern era.

As the name suggests, there are plenty of barrels and wooden decals that add to the homely feel of the restaurant but also give homage to the heart of the shop; craft beer, including many local, interstate and international choices, also with an on-site brewery.

The Lost Barrel has teamed up with The Little Bang Brewery Company to make Pale Ale and a Cloudy Apple Cider while also making their very own in-house blend of beer.

The extensive menu at the Lost Barrel has something for everyone. With charcoal grilled meat, tapas, American cuisine such as wings and burgers, wood oven pizzas and also vegetarian, vegan and gluten-free options –including gluten-free and vegan beers to match–.

Lost Barrel Bar and Grill’s speciality is of course the charcoal grill, firing it up daily and serving premium cuts of meat, steak and skewers.

Upon arriving, all the food smelt so good, our mouths were watering even before taking the first bite.

The BBQ Ribs were beautifully cooked and stickily sweet. The Bourbon BBQ marinated American pork ribs were tender and left us wanting more. The sticky sweet marinade balanced well with the savoury pork and the burbon flavour was subtle but came through adding a deep rich tang. The pork ribs left us licking our fingers –and the plate– afterwards.

The Onion Rings were a wonderful classic side dish to add to our meals. The cooked onions were slightly caramelised and gave a lovely sweet tang. Paired with the crunchy fried batter that held a slight salty flavour, the onion rings were devoured in a second.

The Boned Chicken Wings were delicious. The chicken was cooked perfectly and was coated in a lovely sweet and sticky marinade. The balance of flavours with the marinade and the fresh and tender chicken was perfect, having sweet and savoury. The marinade also held a hint of chilli that left a warm tang in your mouth, but not too hot that leaves you reaching for water.

The Arancini Balls were made with a chicken, mushroom, pesto and cheese centre and served with a napolitana sauce. The delicious aranchini had a lovely texture balance with the soft gooey centre and the crispy outer batter. The flavour combination of the rice, mushroom and chicken was a lovely savoury and earthy balance while the cheese added a saltier creaminess to the dish. The pesto also added a freshness to the dish.

The Chilli Prawns was a lovely dish that can be eaten on its own or as a side. The King Prawns were lovely and fresh and were charcoal grilled, giving a lovely light smoky flavour to the prawns. The generous amount of prawns was served on a bed of coleslaw, which was very creamy and crunchy and also cooled the chilli flavour. The heat wasn’t too prominent but gave another flavour level to the dish.

The Corn was a delicious side. The charcoal grilled cob was seasoned with paprika infused butter and topped with melted cheese. The sweet flavours of the corn and smoky flavours of the grill and the paprika, paired wonderfully and the saltiness of the cheese and the creamy butter. A delicious balance of flavours in such a simple dish.

The Gorgonzola Steak was perfectly grilled to medium rare and was served with melted blue, Gorgonzola cheese, salsa Verde and lemon. The steak was cooked well and melted in your mouth. The blue cheese topping gave a creamy additive to the dish and also gave a strong tang that balanced well with the savoury, earthy meat flavour.

The Sweet Chilli Chicken Skewers had a lovely thin sticky and sweet marinade coating, with a slight chilli tang that wasn’t too overpowering. The smoky and slightly caramelised grilled onion and capsicum was tangy and sweet and balanced the flavour of the savoury chicken. The light Salsa Verde was similar to a sweet and sour dressing with herbs and olive oil and complimented the heavy earthy, smoky flavours of the chicken.

The Beast is a huge burger made with a brioche bun, three beef patties, three slices of American Cheese, bacon, onion, lettuce, tomato, a house-made big mac sauce and served with chips and onion rings. That’s right, THREE beef patties. This burger is HUGE but equally full of flavour. There is a lovely flame grilled smoky taste from the beef patties and the bacon, while the cheese adds smooth and creamy texture. The beef patty was cooked perfectly; lovely tender and juicy while the crisp lettuce and tomato added a lightness and freshness to the heavy meat flavours. The creamy big mac style sauce was delicious and full of flavour, also having a slight sour tang that complimented the sweet, crisp and savoury flavours. Packed full of flavour this delicious burger is definitely only for those that have a big appetite.

The Arancini Gourmet Pizza is made with basil pesto, flore di late, mini arancini balls, fresh tomato, rocket and shaved Parmesan. The pizza was light and had a lovely thin crust. The pesto and tomato added freshness to the pizza that balanced the fried batter on the arancini. Overall a lovely balance of fresh flavours and a light meal.

The Parmi Pizza is a nine inch chicken schnitzel base topped with napolitana sauce, leg ham and mozzarella cheese. This meal is a pizza version of your traditional parmigiana schnitzel and is just as tasty. The large schnitzel base was cooked well with tender and juicy chicken. There was a generous amount of ham and cheese on top. A good meal if you have ever thought a large schnitzel was too big for one; now this parmi pizza is an easier way to share your meal.

The Spaghetti Crab was delicious and full of crabmeat, prawns, garlic, onions and chilli in a rosé sauce. The spaghetti was cooked perfectly, silky noodles surrounding meaty crab pieces. The dish was packed full of flavour, with the crab flavour being prominent and strong. There was a generous serving of both crabmeat and prawns within the dish. The sauce added a creamy element and overall held a slight spice of chilli that left a warmth in the mouth but was not too overpowering. A lovely and delicious dish that any seafood lover will enjoy.

With both indoor and outdoor seating, there is plenty of space for everyone to come and enjoy their large, delicious selection of meals.

The lovely and friendly staff are willing to help accommodate guests every need, and take pride in giving guests the best quality meals the Lost Barrel can offer.

The Lost Barrel Bar and Grill is already becoming a hot spot along The Parade, and is a perfect place to grab a meal with friends and family.

They are open seven days a week, so why not come and check it out for yourself today?

Words by Cyndal King

WHERE: 134A The Parade, Norwood


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